Vaal Summon Skeletons, New Microtransactions and First Ambush Atziri Kill

"There will be a surprise tomorrow"
Fishing in POE ?????
Please RNG give me a fishing rod !
"There will be a surprise tomorrow"
Fishing in POE ?????

problem with hype is that we get our hopes so high that we come down crashing when reality kicks in.

Chris found out the Half-life 3 release date.
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mondobogus wrote:
make Vaal skills useable as normal til charged...then Vaal at will...otherwise they're useless
By the time you gain enough souls...just about everything is dead. At LEAST make fracture mobs worthy of...being there to kill.

This is really a great idea imho. Hope GGG reads and thinks about it.
...and stay dead!
Chris wrote:
There will be a surprise tomorrow.

Flameblast and Searing Bond nerf?
Congratulations to Mathil.

Nice to see we finally get to summon skellie archers too : )
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I can't help to think about this when I see the Guardian Mask Helmet Skin :
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"As you can see"... it relied on him having 10 auras up and nothing on his skill bar. Good game.

Fish Sticks.
Same microtransaction for invasion and ambush? pretty stupid.... heh
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"As you can see, it relies more on character build and playskill than on mirror-worthy items".

Path of Range. You have way more uptime on targets as a range build than a melee build, of course the items arent going to matter nearly as much. Doing it as a 2H build with anything less than probably 7.5k HP will be an impossibility based off some of the Atziri kill videos. When a 2H build is nearly getting 1 shot with almost 10k, it makes it very clear that only certain builds will be able to do this fight successfully, and that if you want to do the fight as a certain builds, you better get a set of mirrored items.

Honestly it feels like you guys dont even care for 2H builds at all anymore, especially with that leech change.
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