1.1.0d Patch Notes

Keep it up hard workers!
stop over moderating that makes the official forums useless
I hope the tailslinger change doesn't mean he does nothing in normal and cruel but then fucking one shots you when you get to merciless. People want a hard game, not retarded one shot mechanics and shit you can't get away from (EK spider perma stun, devourer insta killing people as it appears, etc). People are getting one shot with 4.5k hp and 6k armour by shit, the giant skele, totems, devourer, etc. I'm Ok with them killing you in 3 seconds, just not instantly.
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Cool stuff with BoR :)
Yeah a nice fix on the Gemcutter boxes... was getting way too many gems already and thought that the Gem market is literally destroyed in few weeks.

Who Are We? Where do we come from?
the marauder life/armour node....what about the same node in duelist tree ??
I guess the gemcutter boxes were just too good to last. Glad I got one before the nerf.

Then my Marauder takes a 6% life hit... Noooooo!!!
A change to the skill tree, yet no full passive respec? That is gonna be upsetting for people.
Shivershell so that his Vaal Detonate Dead is documented


that death was hilarious though :D:D:D
Completed 15 ChallengesLostForm wrote:
vapor wrote:

do explain how it is intended to work then

do we need a 20% first before corrupting it?

I owe you nothing (plus I don't know how it works, but the notes imply the 23% gem is still a thing, just not in one vaal orb). getting extremely lucky in game is fairly rare, so if it was indeed a extremely lucky phenomenon that caused a 23% upgrade, rolling that back would be a much bigger slap than other players not having the chance to hit the same ridiculously lucky event. I have no skin in this argument, just my opinion.

did i saw you owed me anything, NO i didn't, i asked a question.
take your cockiness down the road

you admit to not knowing how they work, shouldn't have jumped in acting like you know everything and i wouldn't have quoted you asking to explain how it works

Can you still go 0% -> 22% quality with one vaal orb on a skill gem?
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