1.1.0d Patch Notes

I hope 23%q gems will be rolled back to where it came from! <evil laugh>
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Adraeus wrote:
Chris wrote:
Version 1.1.0d:

  • Halved the spawn rate of Gemcutter's Strongboxes in the Ambush league.

Thats... really extreme. Like, its hard to find them as it is...

I have a ton of gems from just these boxes. They spawn way too often. By week 2, many of us would go from exclaiming "a gem!" to "aw, not more gems..."

Personally, I'd prefer if gem drop rates were halved across the board.

In Standard, I don't even pick them up anymore because I have 2-4x of each (was 6x until I vendored most of them), and it's getting that way in Ambush.

kralja wrote:
tried orbs on three items and got nothing.

My first Vaal Orb:

guess i was lucky too i didnt ruin astramentis :)
vapor wrote:

do explain how it is intended to work then

do we need a 20% first before corrupting it?

I owe you nothing (plus I don't know how it works, but the notes imply the 23% gem is still a thing, just not in one vaal orb). getting extremely lucky in game is fairly rare, so if it was indeed a extremely lucky phenomenon that caused a 23% upgrade, rolling that back would be a much bigger slap than other players not having the chance to hit the same ridiculously lucky event. I have no skin in this argument, just my opinion.
Hey...is this thing on?
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you guys are awesome, love all the hotfixes since yesterday. lol even if you are nerfing the gem boxes :D
"Halved the spawn rate of Gemcutter's Strongboxes in the Ambush league."

God. Damn. Shivershell.
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I never found one :(
IGN JimansNotSummoner
Well - nice!
"Corrected the properties displayed on Shivershell so that his Vaal Detonate Dead is documented."

I lost my first character in this league to this boss's vaal detonate dead. A level 40 character to this particular boss, the detonate dead was quite a surprise.

Thank you for the quick fix. Information is powerful and I am glad future players will be given the tools needed to survive. :-)
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