Official SotV Trailer and Early News Coverage

Chris, is there a chance the info about the new Passive Skill Tree, so we can pre-plan builds?
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Is it really going to be possible to lower maximum gem levels? That doesn't really seem with the theme of the item - it's "give or take" instead of "give, get something better, not necessarily what you want".

Also GL to any new HC players who manage (have the balls) to get to the Final Dungeon!
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i keep expecting big things from you guys and you continue to exceed my expectations. 60 new unique bosses?! excellent :D
Fuck yeah! Super excited!
On the first day of gaming, RNG brought for me: one Flame Hellion of Frost on The Rocky Climb.
I bet there will be a lot of QQing that the Apex of Sacrifice is overtuned, well I bet there will be a lot of griping that a lot of the new areas are overtuned or maybe that it favours party play too much. Anywho, it looks well inspired to me. I think it's going to be a great addition to the sinister realm of Wraeclast. :D

strongboxes :O
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guy with aegis aurora was able to die, nerf confirmed?

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