Eight New Quivers in Challenge Leagues

I would also like to see the dex quivers in the new leagues - they enabled some templar bow builds, which have problems getting enough dex together (or at least made them much easier/cheaper to build)
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well this finally happened! :D
I miss + %elemental dmg quiver :(
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I fucking hate challenge-league exclusive content.
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petden wrote:
I fucking hate challenge-league exclusive content.
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You know.. I just started looking at the quivers and thinking to myself that they could be better. This is really good incentive to make me play the new leagues. I am looking forward to it.
petden wrote:
I fucking hate challenge-league exclusive content.

It will be in 4 month in Standard and what is 4 months in game from genre, where one of basic assumption is long term character build process?

And it will be tested by quinea pigs... erhmmm, I meant of course temporary leagues fans.
Anticipation slowly dissipates...
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petden wrote:
I fucking hate challenge-league exclusive content.

The real game are the challenge leagues.
Lets just hope that the Broadhead Unique aint shit
If its good... welcome the most used quiver in the game
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no dex one? that might make some things difficult :/

you remove the dex one and add a couple that will be unused like the sharktooth or blunt. it's like the coral amulet or the stun belt, utterly useless implicit. dex was actually useful to make archers out of the more str/int based characters

another step to limit build diversity
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