Sacrifice of the Vaal: Teaser Screenshot #1

This screen shot dont inform us for something new.
We already know the slums

Show us other screen shot
For those who wonder about Spark read the current Diamond Newsletter.
I Demand that there be Pants for the Expansion


and also 3D belts!
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Besides Corrupted, the only other things I see is a white socket on that sword.
IGN JimansNotSummoner
Completed 2 ChallengesKamro wrote:
For those who wonder about Spark read the current Diamond Newsletter.

Do you mean this?
The corruption of the Vaal past on the gems has been especially interesting. We’ve been able to combine the old skill gems with new mechanics with really fantastic results.

Or am I reading the wrong thread.
IGN: Akrasjel
It gets interesting!

I think the white socket is a capable to hold every gem, regardless of color.

But everything has its price - the corruption will trigger something negative .... but what ..?

We Convoke Nebular Dimensions
As Real As The Realms We Ride
With None Above
And None At Side
That's indeed getting quite interesting !
SweetBreaker : thread 823111 ( /!\ this build is weird .... and old /!\ ).
Sunder guardian (poisoninGaijin) : thread 1831267 ( Pretty unusual too ! ) [BHC] !rip
Oh, a white socket. Is this another random vendor recipe that nobody can be bothered discovering? Maybe instead of adding more content you could steer yourself towards fixin broken things like pet AI. which has been broken at least since I purchased a supporter pack over a year ago. PM me if you like because I can't be bothered reading more of this thread full of praise for a company that sells a product (my pet Kiwi) to me that is not fit for its intended purpose.
That sword totally op Kappa
My best char so far

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