Path of Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal

All I want to know is, did they finally fix the desync in this mini expansion?
Prediction: During the fight, the gear you're wearing will be destroyed.

That's the sacrifice part and also ties into the being naked thing.
Oh man I'm PUMPED for this!!!!!!
Corrupted gear will be the same drawback+gain mechanics as on uniques but now there are possible mods to roll on rare items. Yay.
What can never be lent or earned?
Somewhat, that devours everyone and everything:
A tree that rush. A bird that sings. It eat bones and smite the hardest stones.
Masticate every sword. Shatters every shrine. It defeat mighty kings and carry mountains on lightly wings.
What am i?
Or maybe item durability :)
That would be nice :)
scorpitron wrote:
'Wooow wowww' but removal of item quantity and tons of new legacy items still suck no matter what.

yeah, total doom. nobody played the 4 month leagues because of it...oh wait.

Was your favourite league spamed by legacy items (is this still beta?) and predators buying item quantity gems in bulks from newbs in normal dificulty? Was your league perma? Can you understand some people play on standard only/mostly and they do not need hatchet surgery done to their league? Do you allow biggest bs if they are served with new content and hype?

By the style of your post I doubt you will be able to answer in polite way. Even if you do, it will be not worth any comments.
Hate community since Aug A.D.2012. Distrust developer since 0.11.0.
Corrupted skill gems have me more interested than anything. Nova of Corruption. Corrupting Strike. Curse of Corruption.

So many possibilities.
Nice =)) I like the Red Colors its Dark scary Expansion =)). I hope some new areas =)

Maybe Act IV ? =)
I am veteran i have follow Poe sense November 2010.
Jarenga wrote:
After going through the retarded storyline that involved god damn ribbons, I told myself GGG will never have a story worse than that , so everything will b k. However, you guys managed to top it with even a more retarded story line. congrats!

Dunno loved the ribbons XD
When I first saw them I though:" Damn i want some of that shit the developers are smoking ... O.o"
Good ol Nz pot is the best i guess ;-)

My amusement stopped when i meat the flame sentinels.

Anyway what is it you don´t like? Sounds freaking awesome to me.

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