Hyper/PC PowerPlay Game of the Year Awards

I cant say it enough...thank you, this is the only real game that has come out in the last 10 years.I wish you alll the best luck and i hope you get bigger than any other company in the world becasue you trully deserve it.
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you deserve it GGG !!
Yeah, Bitch! Awards!

Breaking bad is still cool, right? It's not just my pain meds...?
PoE isn't just toxic. It's actively poisoning itself. The farm has been forsaken for all the fertiliser and the pesticide. The crops are dead; only the weeds continue to grow.

The Shadow would be very disappointed...or eager to get to work.
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Great to see you guys get some more recognition! Grats!!
I should be working on http://choppin-wood.com instead of playing PoE!
Congrats GGG!
Very good, congratulations
you really deserve the recognition and attention coming with these awards.
gratulation from me too. already exited about the new stuff
on temp forum leave
gZ. well deserved. keep up that good work and never stop caring as much about the game as you did the last years and much more awards will follow ;D
That underlining the almost five milions accounts is so misleading considering the people playing the game for real, which is maybe 1/100 of those accounts :O
"The exodus of humanity in search of a new home? It is like spreading a virus in the healthy space."

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