1.0.6b Patch Notes

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abbarnes wrote:
Then use a curse.

Wow, so informative and helpful to the feedback we're giving to GGG! You're telling me you'd rather have one mode and be forced to curse and cast spells at the enemies instead of having a way of selecting how your minions will react? So you can play different styles and still be successful?

No offense, but I think you're doing it wrong.

actually any pure summner would use at least 1 curse imo...
Temporalchians for minion survivability or Enffeble or Elmental weakness 4 bms or flam 4 the lattere aswell.
Sice you don´t do miuch more then collekt loot and maybe evade an enemy attack from time to time, the latter rarely being the case with most mobs, I think there is more then enough time to at least cast a single curse.

There is just allmost no downside 2 it, that 1 gem slot, no passives needed no support gems needed and it has a huge impact aswell.

Just my oppinion though...

While you do have a point its not really a good thing that the new minion Ai forces one 2 use an attack or a curse not using either even prepatch doesn´t maky much sence.
Using 2 totems is a valid option but that´s just one more reason 2 use a curse since you can´t attack yourself.
I used to have spectres cast my curses.

Firstly, casting curses myself is one more thing to keep an eye on. My summoner has very little life, because I made it a point to spread out and get absolutely all minion related passives. This makes it a challenge to survive on Hardcore, because I practically can not afford to get hit, which is also what makes it fun.

Secondly, even with a curse the minions don't behave well. What used to happen was that skeletons would spawn around my totems and roam, zombies would hang around me in a small circle and spectres would be somewhere in between casting curses and spells. Now, if I cast a curse myself, my zombie "shield" leaves me to go wherever I cast it, so I'm open to be attacked. Bad, bad, bad.
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Qarl wrote:
Version 1.0.6b
  • Improved the minion AI regarding when they'll switch targets based on your actions.
  • Fixed an issue where Raging Spirits could cause arrows to magnify in size.
  • Fixed a bug where corpses created by Desecrate weren't limited by the level requirement of the gem.
  • Fixed a client crash with Searing Bond.
Yes, that is the problem.
How many 1.06b's are your going to have?

Before you fix the lost server connection in the maps. It seems to not be lost if I die quickly after entering a map. When a solo person is playing a harder map with nothing to pick up or not dying, the server connection gets lost. This has happened many times to me.

Also, when you set up a portal, it will disappear if you activate a passive (always) and periodically if you place a gem or change your loaded inventory.
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44mb patch but no info on what's changed yet?
It was likely the art and code for the ingame countdown that was added, and maybe a coupla minor bugfixes.
These silent patches arent uncommon if they are just adding art assets.
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It was likely the art and code for the ingame countdown that was added, and maybe a coupla minor bugfixes.
These silent patches arent uncommon if they are just adding art assets.
I wonder if they've fixed the Raise Spectre / trigger gem crash yet? <crosses fingers>

Playing almost every day since Beta version 0.9.1 in 2011.
I just got a 50MB~ update and no patch notes for it :/
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Having a problem with the client crashing since the new patch this morning. Anyone else having similar issues?

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