What Hack And Slash Games you played?

Diablo II+Expansion, Titan Quest and it's expansion, Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance I and II, Torchlight, Champions of Norrath, Mythos, Neverwinter Nights(If that counts), Dungeon Siege 3 and probably a few others I can't remember right now.
Diablo, Hellfire expansion, Diablo II, LoD Expansion, Titan Quest, Immortal Throne expansion, Torchlight, Din's Curse.

If you haven't played it, Titan Quest is worth some time.
I'm playing Torchlight right now.. which is, incidentally, how I ended up here. Google gone wrong, so to speak. :)
Diablo II + LOD
Titan Quest + Immortal Throne
Hand Of God
Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance
Loki: Heroes of Mythology

That's all I can think of right now...
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Sticking to the typical isometric "diablo clone" style ones.

Diablo 1 (Still my favorite of the lot. The atmosphere, music, hell just everything about it hit the right spot.)

Diablo 2(+expansions) (Good story, but the game itself didn't really stick. I also absolutely hated just about everything regarding Act 3. People praise it as the gold standard, but it had its flaws and just didn't pull me in like it seems to do with everyone else.)

Torchlight (Liked the game, great music, art is a little too bright for what I was looking for at the time)

Sacred 2 (Story is completely tongue in cheek but huge world and some interesting mechanics. If it was less clunky/buggy it would have been solid.)

Titan Quest (Did not care for Titan Quest. I finished it, but I more or less wished it was over. Incredibly buggy as well *teleporting had a 50% chance of crashing the game* I heard there were some great things done with mods after the expansion though. I own the Immortal Throne and need to get around to playing it sometime.)

Dungeon Siege 1 (This game was good in a weird sort of way. The story was barely there but the mechanics and game itself were just quirky in the right way. Also, pack mules! I avoided the 2nd which I heard was not great and the recent 3rd which was an abomination.)

Hellgate London (This one isn't an isometric but the game itself is functionally the same. I actually really liked the whole setting/premise of the game, and went so far as to get the CE which was pretty decent. I never really saw it as an MMO which was what they unfortunately tried to bill it as. I know its out as a F2P now, but I can't bring myself to play it again as I'm sure the resurrection was not without its scars.)

I'm familiar with a bunch more such as Divinity, Mythos, Throne of Darkness, etc but I either only ever got around to playing the demo or played them for an inconsequential amount of time.
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Dynasty Warriors

Diablo 2 + LOD
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
Champions of Norrath & Return to Arms
That's about it.
Dungeon Siege has always been my number 1 favorite game I dont know how many times Ive played through that game
Diablo + exp
Diablo II + exp
Dungeon Siege
Divine Divinity
Titan Quest + exp

All great games, cant wait to try PoE and Diablo III :)
Diablo 2
Baldurs gate..
^^^^^Polish Corner^^^^^
I played:

1) Diablo 1
2) Diablo 2 LOD
3) Sacred 1
4) Torchlight
5) Loki
6) Titan Quest IT
7) Dungeon Siege 1
8) Dungeon Siege 2
9) Dungeon Siege 3
10) Divine Divinity

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