Ele wander post 1.0

Thanks for answer.
Mind show DPS number with high crit wand? Or screen shot of power siphone :P
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Thanks for answer.
Mind show DPS number with high crit wand? Or screen shot of power siphone :P

I can't really :(

With the rather meh tri ele that I use (linked in OP) iirc the dps is about 5.5k GMP and 23k Single PS or 19k Ele Hit.

If I use a blue electrocuting of incision (top light, top crit chance) that dps is about equalled once charged. With crit nodes, the blue wand would pull ahead. So you can have some idea of the potential with a 6 GG prop wand (tri ele, CC, CM, IAS).
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can u show us the DPS number using a white imbued wand in your video?

You said the dps is 5.5k GMP and 23k single PS using the meh tri ele wand. I am curious why my dps is so low at 5k single PS. Of couse my anger and wrath is only lvl 18, increase crit dmg is only lvl 16 without quality. am not sure if I can reach that high dps using lvl 20 gems.

another question: I saw in your video you run 5 auras, anger, wrath, discipline, grace and clarity. By looking at your passive tree, you only had 41% reduced mana reserve. You didn't wear alpha's howl, nor run any auras on life. How could you run 4 auras of 60% plus clarity. If calculate right,each 60% aura should reserve 25.134% of mana ( (1-41%)*71%*60 = 25.134 )
I was using Alphas, it is the one and only definitive item requirement for the build.
Maybe that I had it skinned was what threw you?
Check the gear linked in the thread OP, Alphas is there.

The DPS with the white wand is also shown in the VoD in the OP, at the end I mouse over both power siphons. Single target was just over 17k, GMP was just under 3k.

The last few levels on aura gems, PS gems and support gems and 20 quality where it matters (non aura) make all the difference.
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thanks, it helps. It's just the difference made by last few lvl of gems and qualities is not so intuitive.
Came back after a break pre 1.1.

Build still viable, updated OP with 1.1 tree (as yet) and new wand, yey!!
Build was working pretty much exactly as it was in 1.0, but Elemental Adaptation was too much to turn down. Took 4 points out from life and mana under Inner Force, took EA and the two life nodes which were to be taken in future (6% life + 4% chaos, 8% life shadow).

On the cusp of running GMP now with the loss of mana, still can, just.
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i was watching your stream a bit, i will try this build out.
Updated OP with Piscator's Vigil comparison.
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