PMs from GGG / Current Phishing - Important to note


I'm adding this to the top of Peachii's post:
We're getting a number of players reporting PM's from GGG that are not genuine. PM's from official GGG staff will have their author names in yellow

Henry has posted more details about the scamming here (more details may follow):

May 20:
New Scam "Development manifesto"

All Official PMs from Support staff and Developers will have their name "from" A bright Yelllow/Gold color. Look at Chris's or any other official GGG name on the forum - that is the official color of GGG.

Forum Mods have their name in WHITE on the forums.

Any request made by a normal account color for any information from you - report it to Support immediately.

If you recieve a request saying it is from GGG and asking for you to go to another website or asking for your email, password or information it is not legit. THIS IS the POE website, we are on it, they will not send you to a different path of exile address. THIS is the way they will contact you or it will be from an official GGG email - Beware of any and all other PM's or emails claiming to be from PoE. Do not give your information out to anyone. Forum Mods will not ask for your information either, do NOT give out personal information to anyone.

Make sure your password is secure if you have given it out to anyone, answered any PMs, emails or whispers, change it immediately if you have done this.

Be safe with your account please :)

*Also - Supporter purchases do require some info to GGG, make sure the person asking for it is in YELLOW before you answer, as they will need address information but not account details. So don't panic if you get an address request through PM.

Edit - Some players are attempting to scam in game by claiming to be associated with GGG. In game all mod (on-duty) text will be Yellow for Support (paid GGG staff) and Devs and Blue text for moderators (volunteer helpers). If someone claims to be a GGG associate to facilitate a trade, dispute or anything else, if the writing is white, you can request that they go on-duty for the appropriate color text to verify they are actually GGG staff. If they cannot produce the correct color text in-game by going on-duty then they are attempting to scam you. Please be careful and stay aware of anyone claiming to help with trades. Above all - GGG staff, will NOT scam you and you should report it to with screen shots, so that Support can take care of the issue.

Contact to report issues relating to the game or forum. Thanks!
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If this something similar isn't already a sticky, then it should be IMO.

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Contact to report issues relating to the game or forum. Thanks!
This is good advice.

Also, this post shows the yellowy/gold colour that all staff use.
Nice reminder :)
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Contact to report issues relating to the game or forum. Thanks!
It always saddens me when we really need posts like this to remind people to use common sense.
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Contact to report issues relating to the game or forum. Thanks!
Sticky requested.
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Contact to report issues relating to the game or forum. Thanks!

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