As it seems enlighting is the "definition of bad game design" but on the other side, it could actually be really cool, if the math works in the "correct" way.

I assume that a lv 3 enlighting will increase gem XP from 10% to 11% (10% increase) but actually the gem was meaningful if it increases XP from 10% to 20%.

Imo the whole gem leveling progress system in this game is fked up. Its bad in so many aspects.
-tedious(ok, its grinding)
-enforces huge micromanaging if you alt a lot
-confusing with its small pictures and even if you have tabs full of gemsyou certainly dont have the needed gem
-meaningless restrictions(attributes), which can only become annoying (oh, you have this lv 19 gem, but you cant use it on your new character)
-inconsistant progression (so you get less total xp, if you have your 21/20 gems or wear a kaoms? how does this make sense?)

As a player who makes new characters very often(because PoE sems to be a game where you can experiment a lot!) it completly screws me over. I have all those lv 18-19 gems which are worthless, but lv 18-19 are too valueable to throw away.

Id really appreciate a more COMFORTABLE gem leveling system. Maybe something like:
-focus all the XP on one gem
-extract XP from gems

If I was the game designer of PoE, the first thing Id do is:
-introduce a 2nd XP bar(which fills at a rate of 200% instead of 10%) which allows to "buy" gem level directly
-rework the quality of most gems and its scalings (I dont like additive scalings on skillgems. Leveling up most attack skills is useless, because of its awkward scaling. +1 level should rather represent something like "+1% more damage")
-gem level is scaled down to the level of your character
-balancing this so it makes sense
-delete enlighting, because its meaningless or change it to something different

Yes, a complete and massive skillgem overhaul is more me the most anticipated change for this game.
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Does enlighten work with Items on switch?
(and you still effectively lose exp, which makes me laugh every time)
From one ill-conceived design to another. Good going, Enlighten.
Have you made a cool build using The Coming Calamity? Let me know!
ephetat wrote:
From one ill-conceived design to another. Good going, Enlighten.

But "balance!"
We're all in this leaky boat together, people.
does this drop rarely as before or...?
Hi do i get the chance for enlighten gem to drop when i am playing on Cruel ? and is it hard to find it? i really need it:/
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1. Yes.
2. Yes. Well, technically it's not so much hard to find, moreso that there's no way to farm for it except to just... kill shit. Eventually it will drop, but it's rare. There's also two Divination Cards for it, check the Wiki entry for Enlighten if that piques your interest.

This question fits more into Gameplay Help than in the Feedback section, btw :)
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what about making it flat % reduced reservation
skill gem with-------------- 40%reserved - 60%reserved
lvl 1 - 0 flat % reduction - 40%reserved - 60%reserved
lvl 2 - 4 flat % reduction - 36%reserved - 56%reserved
lvl 3 - 8 flat % reduction - 32%reserved - 52%reserved
i have skyforth boots and rare boots
in my tree i take BM node

when i use aura with rare boots and link enlighten i get reduced effect for auras
but when use skyforth boots and link enlighten i dont get any reduced effect for auras
so with skyforth boots value of reduced effect = with skyforth boots and enlighten

i can send screenshots or give more info in pm

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