BreachLord wrote:
Please make this gem reduce more reserve mana.

This. Unless GGG release a "reduce mana reserved" support, this is the only way to actually decrease it without making an ABSURD commitment to it in skill points outside of builds that can abuse the reserved mana mechanic. This is particularly important for blood magic builds, given how punishing auras become.
Enlighten is a useless gem for most builds (especially melee) that do not have many reduce reserved mana passives on their side of tree, which is somewhat unfair to the lower half of the passive tree players. By itself it is not even enough to squeeze in a extra 10% reserve minor spell gems, and getting less mana reservation mods on gear is not worth the cost for adding minor shitty auras, let alone buying a corrupted enlighten for many ex.

I wish GGG did one of the following a) lower the mana reservation cost of major melee auras like pride from 50 to 40-45%, b) lower blasphemy reservation from 35 to 30-25%, or c)rework the damned Enlighten gem itself so it gives at least a 75-80% multiplier...
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Please someone, help me. I'm kinda new to the game.... but tell me: Is there something wrong with Enlighten support??

I have it on my gear since about level 20 to level it up. I even raised its quality with the 5 cutting prisms I had. I'm a deadeye level 42.

After all this time, my gem is only exp 2 300 000 ish / 224 000 000!!!

Damn! Will it take till I'm level 100 to be able to level this gem level 2 !??
And no benefit at all from it at level 1.....

Is there something I dont understand here?
It levels faster when it is on 20% quality but those gems are meant to level sloooooow.

Question: Does anomalous enlighten support work nowadays?
Hello, Enlighten's gem description currently reads:

Supports any skill gem. Once this gem reaches level 2 or above, will apply a mana multiplier to supported gems. Cannot support skills that don't come from gems.

Now that there are Life and Energy Shield Costs and potentially future Life Reservations, mana multiplier should now read cost and reservation multiplier instead, right?

Could this be updated?
This item has become so expensive i no longer want to play the game after 30,000 hours of playing it if my build requires it, please investigate and or look into making its divination cards slightly more obtainable to keep this in check else too many builds are disabled for purely economic reasons and this has stopped me dead in my tracks 3 leagues running now and instead of making 3-6 characters or more i've only made 1 because of this.

I really love this game but this has been too much.
Innocence forgives you
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