1.0.5 Patch Notes

You guys really need to do some balancing with skills to benefit PvP too! Your game isn't only PvE!
Should have just nerfed cast on crit to the ground. Nothing but annoying lag in a public party, joined a pub party once and instant left when I saw some idiot doing a quill rain CoC build.

I'll quit the day GGG nerfs a skill simply because it adversely affects other players in an aesthetic/performance sense.

As would plenty of solo players.

That's when they need to review the actual visual effects of the skill, not simply destroy its mechanics.

In the case of CoC, I think a muting of the full spell effect per proc would be fine -- you're essentially faux-casting a weaker version of the real thing, since you can't support it as well as you could were it hard cast.
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Qarl wrote:

Cast on Critical Strike now has a 10 millisecond cooldown. The chance to cast supported skills has been increased by a flat 20%.
So I won't Ice Spear thrice when ST crits, but I'll probably Ice Spear every crit.
I guess nothing really changed for me?

Seems we're living in interesting times.
Whew I'm relived I almost pressed the shit hit the fucking fan button right here. god dayum

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Physical percentage based damage reduction and Immortal Call now correctly mitigate damage from physical degeneration damage.

To clarify, this means Endurance Charges and Immortal Call work against Corrupting Blood now, right?


How does one read 10ms CD on cast on critical ?
Does that mean hits within 10ms time won't proc? (ergo if you crit multiple targets at this same time only one cast will happen)
Or the cast will simply queue and release every 10ms?

If first is the case it will probably hurt cyclone coc but not effects others like barrage.
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I really hope flame totem, searing bond and punishment got enough of a buff because it still seems like they will be pretty poor skills...And the 10ms cd will hurt skills that use chain, cyclone the most because they cast that stuff instantly multiple times, while barrage and others they dont cast so many of them at the same time.
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Wait. Did freeze mine get buffed?
ST CoC gutted. ST either has all projectiles crit per cast or none. If you roll a ST crit, then each mob ST hits (plus when it comes back) is a roll on CoC. This resulted in multiple instant casts from CoC when you're hitting a large pack of mobs.

Great game, destroyed a spec that wasn't even broken.

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