What's coming in 1.0.5?

Going to assume you vendor 40% quality worth of low level maps for 1 chis :3
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Aux wrote:
Enlighten is probably increased experience gain (what else could it be?) buuuuuut cutthroat cutthroat cutthroat bring on the cutthroat
Aux wrote:
Aux wrote:
The game does not adapt to you, you adapt to it.
Id appreciate fishing patch as Im getting my pole ready.

and this

Aux wrote:
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When will you fix Dominus crash?

When will you fix the interface, I mean for example when a chest is surrounded by corpses I hardly can open the chest because the game select the corpses instead of the chest. I must turn them to zombies first to reach the chest. It is also hard to play with a melee character because it is hard to click on enemies. :(
Cool, new support gems :)

Maybe some improvement on stones mechanism, like no item downgrades, just upgrades. At the cost of some stone (the link stone for example) it should be more fair, more fun, and less frustrating (check the forums, it is a common request or disappointment).

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Always to see some news about the upcoming updates. Keep them coming :)

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