1.0.4 Patch Notes


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Did "Enlightenment" make it into this patch?
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Btw what is this speciall item for supporter? Any supporters will get this or some tiers? Please more info about that, thank you.

P.s. enlightment was meant to come in 1.0.5 or 1.0.6 patch according to that stream...
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lol... I can't believe you actually, FINALLLLLLY, buffed added cold/lighting/chaos dmg haha. Goooood shit.

Plus all the other buffs, I'm not used to this GGG!

Also, please consider buffing projectile speed on the fireball.

P.S. Is Charan's monster in?
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Nice patch, thanks GGG.
No love for lightning skills? :o
This is overwhelming, I knew I wanted to make a new char for this, but now I don't know what skill i will use.

Just glad I had the foresight to pick up a searing touch last week.
Completed 26 ChallengesNephalim wrote:
Resistances on the character screen now show your uncapped total in brackets.


Added Cold Damage has been increased by 15% at level 1, up to 100% at level 15.
Added Lightning Damage has been increased by 15% at level 1, up to 100% at level 15.
Added Chaos Damage has been increased by 7% at level 1, up to 69% at level 15.

Finally, i dont think these gems have been utilized by anyone over level 80 since release.

Someone's never had a 20Q added lightning... heh...
i too fas fo youuuuuuu
incinerate buff!!! added chaos dmg buff!!!

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I am continually surprised by the lack of nerf action against freeze mining bosses.

It completely trivializes the end-game bosses of this game, it's broken. Similar to ground slam perma stun, which was nerfed.

Disappointed, ggg.

In regards to this patch, well done in correctly buffing, rather than nerfing other skills to balance this game.

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