1.0.3b Patch Notes

Thought I would see Molten Shell fixed in these notes. This really needs to be addressed....
Thanks God, they fixed the permanent curses not being permanent :D
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Nice patch, as always.

Not sure if sirius.
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Qarl wrote:
Version 1.0.3b
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 1.0.3 where mouse zoom did not work.

Thank you!
That was quick. Thanks for fixing the curse and mouse zoom. Now I can continue playing the game.
Automated macro IS bad.

Here we go again.

Patch day => big issues appearing untested.
=> hotfix the day after.


Fortunately, it was quick, but c'mon ....
SweetBreaker : thread 823111 ( /!\ this build is weird .... and old /!\ ).
Sunder guardian (poisoninGaijin) : thread 1831267 ( Pretty unusual too ! ) [BHC] !rip
:D patch time
Tried to update this morning and was faced with a "Content file is corrupt" error message. Which then proceeded to tell me I needed to delete it and then suffer a 4Gb download, which on slow internet is horrible (only upside is I had to go to work so hopefully it will be complete when I get home. Fingers crossed)
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Perma cursed myself a few times and i was like "whaaaaaaat" :)

Are Spider Forest and Torcher Chamber bosses not getting nerved? I see. Nice work GGG.

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