1.0.3b Patch Notes

"The Eye of Ra appears against you,
His force is powerful against you.
She devours you, she punishes you
In this her name 'Devouring Flame."
-Anubis Hotep
Last edited by Wadjet on Dec 11, 2013 8:16:44 PM
thanks for this quick update
Anyone else's framerate dropping hugely when Piety makes lightning balls?
Good quick work in these necessary fixes.

Any luck for the numerous nemesis players who ripped due to the huge server spike a few hours ago?
Chris plz

Gimme good RNG
Spent a long time in vaal ruins last night trying to figure where to go everything was blocked off. Finally reset the instance and was all good to go.
WTB Map drops since 2013
fast fixes!

thats goooood!
I wish I could turn off the mouse zoom. Its annoying as fuck and this "bug" was my favorite feature of the last patch.
can you do something with desync?

it seems like every time i use whirling blades i go back instead of forward ?!

dont want to mention flicker strike.. that is suicidal ...

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