Incident Report for 1.0.2 deployment downtime

Jonathan wrote:

Once again, I would like to apologise for this incident. It does not represent the quality that I would hope you would expect from our company and I, personally, let you down. I hope you enjoy patch 1.0.2.

Seriously can you stop apologizing, the whole process took less than quarter of the time a certain MMO takes just to do its weekly maintenance, I won't mention which (wow!) not to mention the 10 hours+ it and other games take when adding content.
You do Bi-weekly content updates for criste sake, that's amazing and i imagine its a heck of a lot of work for you and your team to keep up. So relax and stop apologizing, there is no need for it, you do an amazing job.

Oh and the fact that you keep the community well informed of whats going on behind the scene is awesome, fare better than any other online game i have played.
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Thanks Jonathan for your post!

We appreciate your honesty and thanks for your post.

Sadly I am not able to upgrade PoX (I like this acronym). . .

I will try again tmw :)
Man, seriously don't apologize next time or I'll come to NA myself to slap you :P
Seriously guys, you're doing a great job. I wouldn't even expect or hope for any sort of explanation of this sorts. I don't understand how the technicalities work but you sure made it clear for a newbie such as myself and was very shocked by the thoroughness of the situation and the thoughtful process of going through the time to describe everything.

This is much appreciated, really. You're spoiling us just too much now :P
So, what you're saying is, you fixed it by turning it off, then on again?
Don't sweat it.
Holy shit, you guys had a 'major problem' and the game down for less than 1 hour. Most other games are down for more than an hour every week, and that is to be expected.

I'd love to throw more money at you guys, but with 2 kids and this being the holiday season (not to mention my oldest has a December birthday), I can't afford anything this month. Come January though, I hope to get that hoodie.
Bullshit, you get the game for free.

What a great post mortem you have provided, truly impressive!

Can't wait for the next one to read, ;)

With such post it makes me feel honoured to support you guys.
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the_truth wrote:
apologize** delete this comment after u see it :)

Not only is this correction incorrect, but did you really just spell "you" as "u"? *facepalm*


Anyway, thanks for the explanation Jonathan. I'm happy the patch made it to live after all.
Oh no one hour of downtime

I think games like LoL and WoW have patches that take 8-12 hours to deploy.
Jonathan wrote:
This patch contains a database migration for characters which means that during startup the characters database is fully rewritten to a new database file in the new modified format.
In the past this has taken around 2-3 minutes and happens automatically as part of the deployment process.

This is particulary interesting
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