Incident Report for 1.0.2 deployment downtime

Thank you for this. I was worried about what exactly exploded like it did to make this patch so problematic and now I know.

I really appreciate this kind of openness.
As a software developer myself I always find it fascinating to read incident reports like this with some details on what went wrong and why. I'm impressed how quickly the error was caught and corrected really.
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Talk about GGG going above and beyond!
You earn your players' respect every day with the effort you put in, and the transparency you offer us.

Also, as someone who does this sort of thing for a living, the incident breakdowns are extremely interesting and help educate people doing complex IT ops everywhere.


Truly impressed. You need to keep this guy. It takes years to get incident reports like this timely.

Very well done.
Interesting read. No need to feel bad though. I'm suspect this hiccup felt worse for you guys than us players.
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GGG you are the best!
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Thanks for explaining the procedure and what caused the problem. :D

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awesome info, so much detail, a lot of companies can learn from you GGG !

It was a great read, thanks for your openness Jonhatan.
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