Incident Report for 1.0.2 deployment downtime

Sooooo worst case scenario a full patch update for PoE might take almost an hour? most games go down for several hours (8+ in some cases) to do a similar sized update. 2-4 hours seems pretty standard, although that's for MMO's so they havea bit more to chug through.

Nice work and nice write up at any rate :)
This is what I love about GGG, other companies experiencing a hiccup might go 'pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, now run along back to your fantasy world of whimsy, dont worry all is well' meanwhile GGG invites you behind the curtain and explains what the levers do and why they got stuck

Another thing convincing me to get a new supporter pack, seriously respect the time it took to make such a post and the professionalism shown
I really appreciate the update, it's great that GGG thinks it's important to keep their player base in the loop. Kudos.
Don't beat yourselves over this! You guys did great and fixed the problem in a reasonable amount of time. I know you guys have high standards for quality of service which is great! apologie accepted but your main fan base is totally fine with what happen today. Enjoy your weekend and have a good thanks giving!
Thanks for the update!
Too many words for an innocent.
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gg bro
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Great post. Amazing support and response time as always!
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Great read.

In all honesty, this is the first goof up during a patch that has happened since I joined. So a failure rate of less than 1% is damn nice.

Hell, probably less than .1% since before I was here.
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nicely done GGG.

jonathan enjoy your weekend, you must be exhausted.

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