1.0.1c Patch Notes

The Singapore realm was removed from realms list.
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100MB ?
Completed 2 Challengeshenryfly wrote:
The escape menu now has an additional "Exit to Character Selection" button. !!

Finally,well done GGG :)

So many buttons to misclick on now though, when playing hc! XD

Nah it's a good update, more options and all that.
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Not that it matters to a lot of people, but unfortunately it does to me:

Why is this 148 MB ? Unlisted stealth changes?
No nerfing? Keeping the best for later?
Completed 26 ChallengesMachtkatze wrote:
Not that it matters to a lot of people, but unfortunately it does to me:

Why is this 148 MB ? Unlisted stealth changes?

This patch includes the data for Descent: Champions as well.

Source: http://en.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/1r4itt/101c_patch_notes/cdjipnx
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Yay time for more global chat explosions!

Exiting to character screen is a great addition. Man, this game has to be the best RPG experience out there.

I'm so grateful for Grinding Gear Games showing the rest of the world how to make a deep and creative RPG. I can't believe I ever played Diablo 3 to begin with.
Also, an in-game clock and more importantly the ability to change the size of trade chat would be a stellar improvement. I know how to make trade chat work for my needs, but on peak hours, it gets really distracting during gameplay. It could be a tad smaller, in my opinion.

Thanks for all your hard work, GGG :>
Completed 15 ChallengesAblex wrote:
Completed 9 ChallengesVaNdaLizR wrote:
A function you really should add, is like a 2-second delay when closing the game to disconnect from server. Hardcore players clicking alt+F4 or "exit to log in menu" feels like cheating in hardcore, and this would prevent people from doing that. (If you're almost dying and press alt+F4, you will still die)

Theres a reason why they won't do it. its DESYNC

They'll fix it when they have fixed desync problems.

Actually, GGG intentionally left alt-f4 in as a valid alternative and they don't consider it cheating.

One of the devs somewhere talks about this issue and the internal debate they had regarding what to do with it and why they allow it. I think it was Mark, but I could be wrong. I found it while looking at some post histories of GGG folks and don't really feel like digging it up right now.
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Sounds good to me! Exit to character selection is one of the best updates for me.
Keep it coming ggg!

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