1.0.1c Patch Notes

looks like some people are gonna rip again cause logout macro wont work haha
Now what we need is a way to see your own position on the ladder...
Schezza wrote:
looks like some people are gonna rip again cause logout macro wont work haha

that would be awsome
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Interesting. I like interesting, Not-A-Cockroach.

Pretty lame patch.
So with this new functionality, will we ever see a warning prompt when choosing to quit the game? No prompt for exiting to login screen or character select.

It's annoying because one misclick and you have to wait for (Probably) over a minute again to load the game back up!

Wow, where do you live that your connection is so slow you have to wait a minute?

And good job GGG, well done.
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"Exit to character selection" does not appear to be an instant logout, unlike "Exit to log in screen" and "Exit Path of Exile".
hey little newbie here, just wanna thank you guys for the wonderful game and the many patches you keep making, the exit to character selection was a great idea guess many players will be happy now, keep the good work and thanks again ^-^
Fix desync for cyclone, and other mobile attacks, and just in general damnit! also please. also now.
Completed 9 ChallengesVaNdaLizR wrote:
A function you really should add, is like a 2-second delay when closing the game to disconnect from server. Hardcore players clicking alt+F4 or "exit to log in menu" feels like cheating in hardcore, and this would prevent people from doing that. (If you're almost dying and press alt+F4, you will still die)

Theres a reason why they won't do it. its DESYNC

They'll fix it when they have fixed desync problems.
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