1.0.1 Patch Notes

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Reisteel wrote:
By nerfing Cast on Damage Taken you make Nemesis league absolutely crap.

Nemesis league was base on CoDT?... =O
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Phew... CoDT nerf was less bad that I thought it would be, sounds like it will still be useful without being completely mandatory by everyone, good work!

It was obvious when playing 1.0.0 that CoDT was overpowered and needed a nerf, so I personally didn't make myself too dependent on it, knowing it would be changed. (I also levelled one up to level 17 incase higher level ones would be much more useful post-nerf, looks like I was almost right)
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Thank you for the update, would love to see the new effects :D
i LOVE the changes to maps and party, I look forward to it. I did expect CodT to get nerfed but this really makes me sad, I feel you could have lengthened the time between procs or something rather than forcing us to level it. At the very least could you reduced the amount of damage required to proc?

Overall, I look forward to it!
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Good nerf for CODT, less of a no-brainer gem.

Yup, I can as well exchange it for Cast on Death, will have the same proc period. It means almost never.
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Cast On Damage Taken: The level requirement of gems augmented by Cast on Damage Taken may not exceed the level requirement of the Cast on Damage Taken gem.

Uh, so I'll have to dumb my level 18+ Enduring Cry skil gems from all my toons and get new ones?


(CwDT only viable support for Enduring Cry and maybe curses now. Loved to think all of the different possibilities for CwDT before, now it's down to 1 or 2 gems. Sad shit.)
I really I'm disappointed with this patch and the way you are balancing things now

I not mean the nerfs and all, but how you start developing almost randomly and then mega nerf
You have to think more about the new content, seriously, almost everything new lately its crap

I was hoping you would nerf spectral throw hits or damage too (I don't care if everybody hates me for that)

Come on GGG repeat with me: "we don't know how to balance but we think we know how to patch up, please forgive us for releasing things (when not useless) based on our guts feeling without testing"
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What if I was to swap my bandit reward for the passive skill point option? It has not been implemented in the patch!!
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What happened to the DOT buff I've been leveling my poison arrow for 3 weeks for? :( Thought it was delayed to this patch?

Otherwise thanks GGG best game ever.
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