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trollkind wrote:
heatzz wrote:
Does linking this gem with Raise/Summon Minions works with Minion Stability?

Would like to know that too, as in, confirmed by a Dev. Currently using that but it's hard to notice anything with all the hidden variables.

The wiki lists it as working

yes, a dev already answered is why. it does work on minion instability when the minion supported by fire penetration is goes boom.
If I link Fire Penetration to Firestorm, will FP reduce the +25% resistance resulting from Elemental Equilibrium if the Firestorm hits first, or will the EE de-buff overwrite FP?

Thanks for the help!
Both EE and FP will be applied as per usual. The first hit triggers EE, and all subsequent hits will hit against +25% Resists. All hits trigger FPen.
Thanks for the reply!

If all hits trigger FP (including Lightning and Cold Penetration I assume), does this then mean you can "cancel" the debuff of EE with lvl 10 penetration gems?

Will be cool running with a "perma" -50% buff for at least two of your elemental attacks!
i guess you could look at it that way. but penetration gems are just for the hit(s) of supported skill while EE persists for its duration. EE is a post hit application of res, so first hit doesn't get penalized.
a slight better use is to have two penetration supports on two respective elemental skills to get the most out of EE. then again most that use EE are still focusing on one element i heard so the second element is kinda just a trigger for damage boost.

Just curious if anyone else has noticed this. I have a quality fire pen gem that I use to support burning arrow. 11% quality so it's supposed to increase fire damage by 5% however it isn't. It appears to be increasing by 1%.

I have no elemental weapon damage just the skill damage. The base fire damage is listed as 83-232 and when i add fire pen gem is only rises to 84-234.

Although by the math it should be 87-243.

Anyone else seeing this occurring?
It's 'Increased' damage. A fair chunk of the Fire damage is based on Physical, which presumably is increased by Percent-Damage. Additionally, since the Fire damage is dealt through a Projectile, it benefits from Projectile damage increases.

5% isn't a lot :P
So what you're saying is the 5% is added before all other conversions?

Bow (actual weapon) damage is 74-209. Burning arrow deals addition 30% of that as fire 22.2-62.7. And the 5% increase is only on that?

My bonuses to damage come from.
30% projectile
8% bow
96% (str - iron grip passive skill)
30% fire damage to weapons (passive skill)

*Number have change slightly with gear change since i first noticed this*
Fire pen gem not in build for below numbers.

However when you look at the skill physical damage is 248-692. Fire damage is 82-229. Now i do have the 30% bonus fire damage passive skill which i'm not sure how that adds in to the calculation. I add in the fire pen and fire damage rises to 83-232.

What is the order for adding bonuses? Main hand (no skill) physical damage is 217-607.
The %Fire damage applies to the base Fire damage you deal, yes. This is always the case. I'll try to explain by example.

I'm going to be rounding your values to make this a little easier. Call me lazy. :P

200 maximum damage, 30% added as Fire gets you 60 base Fire damage.

Projectile, Strength, FPen's Fire Damage and Fire Damage with Weapons are all 'Increased' (ie. additive). This gets you a total of 30%+100%+5%+30% = 165% Increased damage on that 60 base, or +165%, or *2.65.
60*2.65= 159 maximum Fire damage.

Without the 5% Fire damage, you would have +160% damage, or 156 maximum Fire damage.
The 5% Fire damage really is only ~3 maximum damage in your case.
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Thanks that made it much clearer :)

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