Fire Penetration

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Krupkee wrote:
Question with Use in Infernal blow + ele prolif: Does it work for the proliferated ignite damage or just the single monster I attack? does it work with IB explosion and then the prolif burning damage from that? thanks
Applies to hits from the supported skill, not anything else. If you hit a monster, that hit treats fire resistance as lower than the actual value.
Zindax wrote:
I'm not sure how one who understands the English language could read this and come to the conclusion that fire penetration will not interact both on the initial hit, and also on the dot. Is fire penetration not a fire damage modifier?
No, it's not. It's a modifier to how a hit of damage treats resistance, it doesn't (directly) modify damage.
"10% increased fire damage" is a damage modifier. Fire Penetration doesn't do that at all - it means that at the specific point that a particular hit of damage is applied, the enemy's fire resistance is treated as lower than the actual value. That both isn't a damage modifier and can't possibly apply to DoT, because there isn't a specific point that's dealt at at which it could apply.
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Yeah, I had to retype the entire post because the first time I posted it it lost all the text for some reason, except the opening quote tag.
Zindax wrote:
With regard to the on-hit effects, I think fire penetration was described to not work on dots adequately before patch 1.0.2. I still don't think the wording says that previous on-hit effects like life leech and life on hit will work on dots. I don't think the wording implies that at all. However, when previous on-hit effects such as item quantity and item rarity, in addition to elemental damage and fire damage now scale with burning damage, I believe that it does imply that (because the fix was made to IIR/IIQ) fire penetration will work on burning damage.
There is a reason that the IIQ/IIR support gems now working on dots was explicitly not part of Chris's post about the DoT changes - because it has nothing to do with those.
The change is that damage modifiers can now apply to damage over time. This change had no interaction with on-hit effects, none of which can work with damage over time.

In an entirely separate change, we added a second effect to the IIQ/IIR support gems -they have their regular effect on-hit when hitting, and a second effect of storing extra values in a debuff applying damage over time so that their modifiers can be applied that way too.

This wasn't part of the changes to damage modifiers applying to DoT, and is a specific change to the IIQ/IIR gems by adding exrta functionality, not a change to their (or any other) on-hit effect to apply to DoT. The only relation between this and the DoT damage changes is I managed to get them both in for the same patch.
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Redblade wrote:
A bit OT but does this mean the burning ground from fire trap will trigger IIR now or is that still excluded?
All degen from skills should work, including degen ground effects like fire trap and poison arrow.
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Tom94 wrote:
Any possibility of this getting to link with Righteous Fire? I think it is very counter-intuitive, that it does not.
No. It fundamentally cannot work with RF or any other damage over time, because penetration is by it's very nature something that happens on-hit at the point in time the total damage is applied, which damage over time does not have.

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