Path of Exile commonly used abreviations


As PoE is soon entering it's open beta phase I guess it's time to show newcomers some insight on the abreviation people use widely in the forum and in game. Current forum users might find this topic usefull as well.

This is a work in progress, far from beeing complete.
Your help is more than welcome to track any abreviation I surelly missed or even spelling mistakes and so on.

any combination of R, G, B : the gem colors (Red, Green, Blue) on an item (usually linked)
4L, 5L, 6L : X Linked gems

ACD : Added Cold Damage
AFD : Added Fire Damage
Alch : Orb of Alchemy
ALD : Added Lightning Damage
Alt : Orb of Alteration
APD : Added Physical Damage
APD : Added Projectile Damage

BM : Blood Magic
BR : Blood Rage

CI : Chaos Innoculation
CS : Cold Snap
CS : Culling Strike
CW : Critical Weakness

DD : Detonate Dead
Det, Determ : Determination
Disc : Discipline
DR : Damage Reduction
DW : Dual Wield

EB : Eldricht Battery
ED : Elemental Damage
EE : Elemental Equilibrium
EK : Ethereal Knives
Ele : Elemental
ES : Energy Shield
Eva, EV : Evasion
EW : Elemental Weakness

FA : Faster Attack
FB : Facebreaker
FC : Faster Casting
FP : Faster Projectile
FP : Freezing Pulse
Fus : Orb of Fusing

GCP : Gemcutter's Prism
GH : Glacial Hammer
GMP : Greater Multiple Projectile
GR : Ghost Reaver
GS : Ground slam

HS : Heavy Strike

IAOE : Increased Area of Effect
IAS : Increased Attack Speed
IB : Infernal Blow
IC : Immortal Call
IDUR : Increased Duration
IED : Increased Elemental Damage
IF : Inner Force
IIQ : Increased Item Quantity
IIR : Increased Item Rarity
IPD : Increased Physical Damage
IPD : Increased Projectile Damage
ISD : Increased Spell Damage

LL : Life Leech
LMP : Lesser Multiple Projectile
LS : Leap Slam
LS : Lightning Strike

MI : Minion Instability
ML : Mana Leech

NA : Necromantic Aegis

PA : Poison Arrow
PW : Projectile Weakness

RMC, RM : Reduced Mana Cost
RT : Resolute Technique

TC : Temporal Chains
TS : Tempest Shield

US : Unwavering Stance

VS : Viper Strike

WM : Warlord Mark
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Really like it. You should consider to talk to the guy who made the F.A.Q..
He could add this list to the F.A.Q..

Excellent this should be stickied somewhere
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Agreed. Or why not add it to the wiki?

I think it'd much more organized as a source of info.

If OP doesn't mind I'll add it over there.
Basics of how to play (by Malice):
Walkthrough for Act I and II (by KrapnoV) :
Mechanics - how the game works (by Malice) :
Crafting Guide (by Invalesco) :
Mechanics videos (by Eztheal) :
A lot of these aren't used.


RM : Reduced Mana

Most people refer to this as RMC (reduced mana cost)
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You could add: IAS - increased attack speed

Oterwise great list :D
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MD - Minion Damage
MS - Minion Speed
ML - Minion Life
MBD - Minion Base Damage
MBL - Minion Base Life
MB - Minion Build
MSB - Minion Support Build
MQ - Minion Quantity
MA - Minion Availability
MDG - Minion Damage Gem
MLG - Minion Life Gem
MSD - Minion Speed Gem
ME - Minion Equipment
UME - Unique Minion Equipment
MP - Minion Passive
MDP - Minion Damage Passive
MLP - Minion Life Passive
EMP - Extra Minion Passive
Jorb = Jeweled Orb (lets end that other abbreviation)
@Singakiwi : feel free to copy anything I write on the forum... it's copyright free ;)

@taekvideo : well... those I did put in the current list are some I did encounter. Now, I can't statistically say whether they are "commonly used" or not.

@Never_nou : I'm not sure all of those would be used in normal conversation.. they seem pretty much belonging to a theorycraft post. And even then... Minion Equipment ? Huh... what do you mean by that.

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