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Season 2, Episode 2 Build Submissions!
Now that Path of Exile is released and a lot of new players are playing in the Domination and Nemesis challenge leagues, we're keen to showcase a build that is friendly to beginners.

Episode 2 is about levelling builds that can be played in new leagues without stashed items. We'd like to showcase an effective build that uses only quest rewards, the items it picks up and potentially some items that are quite easy to trade for. Ideally it'd be between level 30 and 50. Despite the character not being end-game, we're still interested in showing off builds that use cool combos or tricks.

We'll pick our favourite from the submissions and will make a video about it. It'll likely be released next weekend. Please submit the name of any character on your account that you'd like to see featured. A quick explanation of what makes its build special and powerful would be appreciated. Depending on the number of submissions, there's no guarantee that you'll be featured but thanks very much for the time spent submitting it.

We have copies of everyone's characters on our local servers here in the office. They are backed up from the Beta servers at 2am New Zealand time, so make sure that the character was in the state that you want to demonstrate at the last backup.
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Can't wait for episode 2 :)
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Rowsol wrote:
I'm doing an acrobatics dual wielding spectral thrower, lvl 32 at the moment. Not very interesting though, besides maybe the point blank keystone. Name's CT_Elegy.

I have reave that I was thinking about using for a while but I just don't like using it very much.

Here's the tree:

MasterCard wrote:

What's up with the kaoms, where's the fire damage?

Someone didn't read the part about divine orbs, apparently. (If I had to guess)
Uber_mephisto lvl 77

its D2 Armageddon Teleport build. lol everything just melts ;)

I'm too late to make it :( ( on the back up servers in time, im quite late :( (
i decided to make a video of the build, its a D2 Classic i know you like the interesting concept
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edit: haha nevermind I am bad at reading comprehension
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My EK Life Scion (Scion_of_Magic) is kinda great, and easy to play even for a poor noob (like most of us now :D).

Running Hatred, a ton of Life, a ton of Mana, a LOT of Damage and range, Iron Reflexes, Evasion Nodes. Tanky as hell.

What I want is Cast on Damage Taken (level 1) + Molten Shell + Increased Duration + Enduring Cry
Self-Cast Enduring Cry just in case
Cast on Damage Taken (large amount) - Immortal Call - Increased Duration

Gear (very cheap, or self-found):



EDIT: Leveled quite a bit since, am now level 73, much better gear, use Lightning Warp on Damage Taken for breaking enemy formations and closing on ranged mobs automatically. Or Summon Skeleton, on the same Blue.

On Stun, I get Rejuvenating Totem, or Devouring Totem. And it's also a great chance to show off the
which is sorely in need of love and attention. Along with my other defences, it renders me all but immune to Physical Damage.
I Cast Magic Missile! -
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G'day everyone,

I want to submit my Ranger. I created this build 1 week before release, but I tested it and it still works just fine.

Name: IAmNotAScion
Lvl: 60

Why I suggest this build:

This is a very beginner friendly build, because it is easy to gear an play and also I had much fun.
There is no leveling build or anything, you just start off with what u will still use at lvl 60.
But still the build provides some clever tricks (nothing too special though).


I use Ethereal Knives as my main Spell (You can get it by doing the first few quests with a shadow easily, or trade it). I use it instantly a t lvl 4.
It is supported by Faster Projectiles, wich is enogh for a long time. After that you can add either Added Fire Damage or Mana Leach or both, if possible.


I use Clarity on life via BM-support gem and Hatred + Tempest Shield on Mana. I still have approx. 200 mana left to use.
Tempest Shield is linked with Blind for ultimate safety. (At the early levels i used Lightning Trap supported by blind, to be more consistent)


You can play this build either with hybrid Evasion/Armor gear and use Iron Reflexes or you play it with pure Evasion gear and get the Acrobatics/Phase Acrobatics Keystones. Like this, the build is extremely open for gear choices.

I use Crest of Pendarus as a cheap unique because of its high life and block chance early on.
In combination with Tempest shield and the blocking notable nodes in the Ranger/Duelist area this is a pretty good Blocking defense.

If you can afford to buy a Stone of Lazwar that would tremendously increase your defense vs. spells.

After all, no uniques are required for this build! But already these 2 cheap ones increase its' power a lot!

Edit: New combination =
Cast when stunned + Molten Shell + Decoy Totem (Later it will be 'Cast when damage taken')

Important Passive Nodes:

- Either take Iron Reflexes or the Acrobatics cluster (Ondar's Guile if you decide to take - - Evasion!)
- Precise Interception and Testudo
- Diamond Flesh
- Ballistic Mastery
- Revenge of the Hunted

If I progressed further, I would've gone for Eldritch Battery and Mind over Matter. Atleast that was my plan.

- Easy to level 1-60
- Easy to gear
- Easy to play (still practicing using shift+click to attack helps)
- High defense, unlikely to die (HC viable)
- Nice looks because of Tempest Shield :)
- You can get every gem you need from quest rewards
- Does not require many linked items (but if you have maybe 3 four-linked items it can become pretty powerful)

- damage output is not “huge”

The build is capable of doing solo, though the 2 uniques helped a lot with that.
I had lots of fun playing it, and I really like the cool look of it! ;)

Thanks for reading!



Edit: Dammit. My Nemesis character died. But now I have access to my new skill combination for this suggested character.

Cast when stunned + Molten Shell + Decoy Totem (Later it will be 'Cast when damage taken')
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Doing mine-trap minion master. I probably won't get everything i need till Monday, but i'll join for Episode 3+.

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