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Grzybas2 wrote:
Amiag wrote:
I dont think its a bug

Immortal call gets cast again on the second stun but since now you have no charges it has no duration

If anything you could say that the second immortal call should not override the first that has longer duration

While immortal call is active you are immune to physical damage so second stun shouldn't occur at all ergo second immortal call should not be casted untill first one is over - thats how i understand it but looks like it doesnt work this way
Non-physical damage stuns.

For the combo to work it requires that you be effectively impossible to stun by elemental damage. Which is doable, though it still requires being relatively tanky and it should.

CwS+ICall is a good combo, but you need to understand how stun works to make good use of it.
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Grildrak wrote:
For some reason it fires spells in a random direction making any form of projectile damage spell totally useless:( Maybe could be nice with molten though.

Edit: On a second thought I would prefer casting molten by myself before rather then having it auto cast after I needed it. Not to mention the wasted linked socket this support gem takes.

Agreed, they need to fix this asap.
I've finally got most of the gear I needed to try cast when stunned. So far the problems are

-The chances to proc aren't high enough. (At gem level 14 Cast when stun only has a 45% to proc.)

-Projectile spells such as fireball and icespear shoot in random directions often not hitting anything

-Even as CI with a low maximum life the chance to be stunned is low due to the ES buffer providing 50% chance to not be stunned.

This makes cast when stun not viable for life builds as it is a CHANCE to proc and since life builds are stunned only by bigger hits compared to CI characters something life immortal call wouldn't be reliable in such a situation.

Some pros are

-The 100% damage but since projectiles shoot in random directions only aoe skills are viable such as shock nova, ice nova, and firestorm.

-Stacking skills with one cast on gem. This seems like the only possible way to make it offensive by stacking maybe 3 firestorms and build aoe linked to cast when stunned. It would make procs more reliable and act as a defensive kill spell as opposed to the use of cast on damage taken which loses damage for the utility of 100% chance to cast. This brings up another question before I further test which is how is the chance rolled for cast when stunned. Is it pure RNG or like evasion with the evasion entropy mechanics.
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does it work when you block and you're in block recovery mode?
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kodr wrote:
does it work when you block and you're in block recovery mode?

Unless I'm just lagging/desync, it seems like Cast when stunned DOES work with block. I have firestorm+blind linked to cast when stunned, and with 73% chance to block, I've proc'd firestorm during block recovery animation while surrounded by mobs and took 0 damage to energy shield or hp.

Can a dev verify?
Not a dev, but a guildmember created a build around abusing Cast when Stunned and max Block.
Pretty sure it works, considering he often crashes instances with it without dieing all over the place :P
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Biggest problem with this gem is not having the ability to target cast...all spells are used with you as the target (firestorms appear on top of you, etc).

Functionally, it needs to target the mob that stunned you.
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darkel wrote:
Functionally, it needs to target the mob that stunned you.
It does this so long as that monster is a valid target.
I am using this with frost wall, on an evasion based shadow ~lvl 30 but it rarely ever procs. I've been using it since lvl 24 and I think its proced twice. At level 20 it should have close to or actual 100% chance to cast for it to be worth it.
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Ludvator2 wrote:
Rehgnem wrote:
kodr wrote:
does it work when you block and you're in block recovery mode?

Can a dev verify?

please Mark :)
Yes, it should do.
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