Cross-league trading is not allowed between long-term and three-month challenge leagues

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xenilix wrote:
Redblade wrote:
In theory a nice call, I'm curious how you intend to enforce such a rule though.

this. If it isn't fully enforced it just hurts the honest players.

I feel the same... Will the Scumbags rule the game after honest players obey what GGG says and they do not?!?
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The Idea of people playin in a fresh economy in a new 4 month league is understandable and a nice sentiment. In online action RPGs with some form of in-game currency such as POE there will always be botters who sell the currency for real money. It has always been this way in all games and this is also the case for POE. You can log on to various sites and simply pay x dollars for an exalt or chaos or whichever currency you prefer. It is an ongoing battle between developers and botters trying to earn money on popular games. They battle this with ban-waves of suspicious accounts when they have evidence or certain trading mechanics in-game when possible. POE is a rather young game and there arent many mechanics available yet so unfortunately RMT (real money trading) is widespread.

So what happens when GGG states that it is illegal to cross league trade?

Well, so far it has been legit to use your time spent inside the game to further yourself within the game in a new upcoming league. There are different opinions on this, personally I dont see anything wrong with this. I understand many view this differently and applaud the statement released by GGG dissallowing it. But the effect of this is as follows:

RMT is still around, and will have a much bigger impact now. Many honest people simply wont crossleague trade in fear of getting banned on their accounts which they have spent alot of time on. This makes RMT even more powerful. The price for the currency in the new 4month league will rise in value as the demand for it will be much higher. This is not speculation, this is fact. The more value the botters get for their sold currency the more of a problem it will create for POE and the players in it, simply because there will be so many more botters.

1) Currency will cost alot more and make RMT an even bigger factor than it has to be.
2) The advantage for people risking illegal cross-league trading or illegal RMT is much bigger than it was before.

Everything is relative. Everyone has their own goal for the new leagues and therefor have different opinions on this subject. For me personally, i am interested in competing for the top spots on the ladder. I therefor see this change as a negative one. I am not willing to risk being banned, and therefor I am already angry at the RMT using people (there are always people doing it) having such a big advantage as well as people that will do cross-league trades.(with the ban record GGG has so far i doubt they can catch all, if any, cross-league traders)
I have my mind set on this new 4 month leauge and will try it as long as I can stomache the injustice.
I think the long term effect of this will be: GGG will try to come up with a way for safe cross-league trades and make it legal again. Eventhough I feel GGG might like the idea of fresh economies I think their real reason for forbidding it are the reports of people being scammed when trading across leagues. They can combat this with traderequests where both parties getting vouchers for their currency that can only be used at vendor to get their currency when both parties have accepted the trade on both servers.
If they dont allow cross-league trading - the detrimental effects of RMT and illegal trades will simply destroy the notion of new leagues. A larger portion of players will quit the game as the excitement for them died together with the new leagues, and some hard core fans will stick to standard league where nothing is reset.

I have always viewed these new leagues as a sort of a ladder - an event or competition if you will, that stretches over 4 months. If this "competition" is unfair by default - well why should I play it? With this said, I will try the new league for a few weeks and see the development. I sincerely hope GGG will put some thought into their new leagues and what to do with the in-game economy. I hope the end result is that they will sanction cross league trading and make it safe with the use of vouchers.

Leppas wrote:

I have always viewed these new leagues as a sort of a ladder - an event or competition if you will, that stretches over 4 months. If this "competition" is unfair by default - well why should I play it?

Do you not see the logical deficiency in what you state here and your support for cross league trading from the perm leagues to the 4 month ladder leagues? What is fair about aiding and abetting those who want to start the 100 meter dash at the 50 meter marker?
Redblade wrote:
In theory a nice call, I'm curious how you intend to enforce such a rule though.

Deleting the currency that was traded? Surely GGG is logging account activity rather than character activity, so a cross-league trade should be fairly easy to prove.
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TiznaraN wrote:
What...........You realize I and many other people liquidated because I don't want to play legacy leagues ...ever...

I literally sold all my gear this week for the hopes of getting some extra currency a month or two into the new league at a rate of 1:3 or 1:2. I can't believe this is frowned upon and multiboxing exists.


Multiboxing in terms of automated key replication is also an offense.
GGG is pretty much the white knight in the Gaming Biz.

Continue, GGG. You guys rock!
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GreenGuy wrote:
Now if they die they have to start completely from scratch.

If you're afraid of that, then you shouldn't be playing in a Permadeath league.

Very good decision overall, but please do share some light how you intend to stop such trades. It's literally impossible same way you can't stop trades from d2jsp since open beta ?
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I like this a lot. I don't like how someone can raise their chances in a new league just because they have more currency in a older league.
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