Cross-league trading is not allowed between long-term and three-month challenge leagues

there's no way to actually enforce this rule. if fact, it's not even worth mentioning as people will simply resort to other forums and still trade cross-league. frowning down on them isn't going to stop anyone and tbh the game has bigger issues to deal with than this.
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This change will only increases how much RMTing there will be. The growing list of reasons launch is bringing that push people to RMT is staggering.
Yay! I hate cross league trading.
Bullshit, you get the game for free.

You need to be able to actually enforce rules like these before implementing them or all they do is create situations where legitimate players end up at a distinct advantage against those willing to do whatever it takes to win. And so far, your record on such matters (rmt, botting, maphacking) is pretty poor.

Otoh, im sure njaguar will appreciate the extra business.
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Great step for indeed fresh start in new 4m leagues.
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saddest day in poe history for me
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Great decision.

I shouldn't be behind in a new league because I haven't played much the last 4 months.

Can't believe people are upset about this. Go play in the old leagues if you want to maintain your wealth/items. Thats why they exist. Not to parlay into an advantage in a new league.
Chris wrote:
You can still perform cross-league trades (at your own risk) between a league and its hardcore version (Standard to Hardcore, Hardcore to Standard, Domination to Nemesis or Nemesis to Domination
Are Nemesis and Domination different to Anarchy & Onslaught? Like before Anarchy was not the parent league to Onslaught, is this different for Nemesis/Domination?
Let's see, so now we can't MF for currency in the new league (IIQ) AND we can't do any Cross-League trading?

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TiznaraN wrote:
What...........You realize I and many other people liquidated because I don't want to play legacy leagues ...ever...

I literally sold all my gear this week for the hopes of getting some extra currency a month or two into the new league at a rate of 1:3 or 1:2. I can't believe this is frowned upon and multiboxing exists.

I understand in races but this is extremely unnecessary imo, what the hell are people supposed to do with all their left overs if they just want to play the fresh leagues?

What are they supposed to do if they want to play only the fresh leagues? Play the fresh leagues! And play leagues that are actually fresh, not full of people grandfathering in wealth from external influences.
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