Cross-league trading is not allowed between long-term and three-month challenge leagues

I guess one point here is that GGG does not want players to plow through the content of their new leagues with the sole intention to "make a ton of currency by cross-trading".
That 'I have to min-max everything'-notion is taking away a lot of the fun - it's a game, it should be enjoyed.

Another point are the challanges, forbidding cross-trading actually makes them challenging...
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I love this change. Although enforcement will be difficult, I appreciate that there is a least a consistent message that the new leagues represent a fresh start, a fresh economy and a fresh opportunity to compete. Facilitating cross-league trades into the challenge leagues via the official forums served to undermine one of the main benefits of the those leagues, and with GGG's assistance/tacit approval to boot.
I was under the impression that the idea with Hardcore league was to build a base.
A place where you build up your wealth over the years. Wealth that is beneficial to you for new ladders (leagues) in the same way d2jsp was for D2.
This announcement is strange and very surprising.

Why is there a hardcore league then?
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Exraven wrote:
Why is there a hardcore league then?

A dumping ground when leagues end?
A place to experiment in?
Something for those who want to have "mains"?
Some of the best news I have heard about launch to date. I feel this is the way it should be for the 4 month leagues. I do hope that you guys take the steps needed to enforce such a policy though and not just frown upon it.
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I have to assume GGG is smart enough to realize cross league trading will never stop. The ONLY thing this rule does is remove the trading occurring on this site instead of another site or directly in game.

If as a community we help GGG by not participating and reporting people that do it would help! Stop thinking of your own personal greed and lets help this game, be what we have always wanted, successful and with as little RMT as possible so that we get more new players not afraid to join the new Leagues every four months! If we as the community take a stand, and not cheat and tell the new players its not on, then we can make this game great and supporting GGG stand on this!
Will be very difficult to prove cross-trading. Even if there are databases filled with trades and they can cross reference accounts with common cross-league ratios, can it really be proven without a doubt it was a cross-league trade? This personally doesn't affect me and I like that GGG is trying to keep the integrity of the new 4-month Leagues, but understanding we'll never know how they'll enforce it with whatever systems they have in place, the conclusion I draw is that it's grasping at straws. :/
This is a great change for all but the most hardcore of players. Even for them if you really are hardcore why do you need such a massive crutch?

In terms of enforcing it that all comes down to what kind of data GGG gets.

If they can track X player trades X currency logs out of standard and into anarchy and trades X currency to the same account its pretty obvious. So it can be easy to enforce IF they have the ability to track things.

Makes the game much fairer for everyone. Their whole idea of the four month leagues is that its a fresh start for everyone. If new people come along and the top 100 on the ladder are all trading currency it really diminishes the game.

/salute GGG
no cross trading in races but still allowing streamers to get everything from their viewers

so i cant pay 10 hc(hard earned) exalts for a deodres but any streamer can just get it for free from one of his 300 viewers, not sure that evens the playing field much....

this happened in the last one week e.g. a streamer that was the top group got a free deodres from a viewr (1 chaos) and our group offered 10x as much race currency, we had to shell out roughly 10 ex hc exalts to get our curse item.

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