Grinding Gear Games Office #3

We've been gradually expanding our team for almost seven years, and are now up to 33 core team members and around 10 customer support staff. For the last year we've been crammed into two small (80 square metre each) offices, but as of today we finally have a third office in the same building! The customer support and quality assurance teams are still settling in, but the new office will give us the space we need to continue to grow the team in the future.

In Path of Exile news, 0.11.5 is coming along well - we're estimating that it'll be deployed on Thursday, NZ time. We'll hopefully have more news later this week about what to expect leading up to release in October.
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I'm assuming it won't be that bare for long.
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"Chris, shouldn't we get some furniture in before you start gaming again?"
That table is moneeeh, MONEHHHH.
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I'm happy to say I am quite happy with supporting you guys with my microtransaction payments, and even though a lot of people disagree with what you guys do to the game, no matter what, I believe the final product is one to be excited for :D

Glad to see everything is coming along well.
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Microwave burritos for all!
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