Razer Footprints Promotion

Here's a video we made of how the Razer Footprints look in-game.

It's very tough picking which technology partners to work with. We picked Razer because they make good products and are run by gamers. I met their CEO in March, he's a really awesome guy and I feel their company has a similar ethic to ours. Their software works well with Path of Exile and is a great fit for the needs of our users. Their logo is surprisingly suitable for our game world and makes for a cool looking footprints effect.

To redeem your key from the promotion, visit this link.
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oh kewl

Edit: No really, those footprints look pretty damn cool!
same name in-game
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I'm retiring, can't compete against software!
Nice! :)
If you read this you owe me an exalt.
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Cheers guys. I prefer to encrypt the control and data channels of my voice communications.
They make excellent products! Got a mouse, two headsets (wireless, wired), and a trusty, MECHANICAL, keyboard. All have been great products! Congrats on the partnership!
Congratulations on this partnership Chris; hope there are many more in your future.
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