Are Orbs Drops effected by Item Quantity

Are Orbs Drops effected by Item Quantity? Because a group of people tell me that they are while another group says they have a restricted droprate. i really want to know the real answer!
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Orb drops are affected by Increased Item Quantity.
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Orbs have a fixed drop rate.

The reason why IIQ gets you more orbs is that more items drop so the fixed drop rate is more effective.

If drop rate was 10% (totally made up) and 10 items drop you would average 1 orb for that drop
If drop rate was 10% and 20 items drop you would average 2 orb for that drop.

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i asked the support and recieved the following answer :
Hi Vita,

Thank you so much for contacting us about this. Orb drops are not
affected by IIQ or IIR stats. If you have any further issues or
questions please don't hesitate to contact us again.

Kind regards,

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I believe support is not correct unless it has been changed. IIRC GGG stated very specifically that IIQ affects currency when they patched drop rates.
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Maybe GGG tell us true?
If you're getting more items, you're getting more currency.
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IIQ makes more items drop. It does not change the chances of any particular drop being an orb. Thus, since more items are dropping and each has the same chance to be an orb, you'll get more orbs overall. The same percentage of your drops are currency, so more drops means more total currency.

IIR only affects the rarities of dropped items (normal, magic, rare, unique). Since currency items have no rarity, it cannot affect them.

The only thing that specifically affects currency drop rates in relation to other items is the level penalty, which affects the drop rate of currency for being in an area of a level significantly different than your own. This prevents repeatedly steam-rolling low-level areas from being the best way to obtain currency. The exact mechanics of this penalty can be foudn in the mechanics thread.
Drop rates
There is a penalty to the chance of currency items (scrolls, orbs, etc.) dropping in areas with a monster level more than two levels lower than your character level. For each additional level that you have compared to the area's monster level+2, the chance of a currency item drop is reduced by 2.5%.
So if you are level 30 in a level 20 area, you will see 20% less currency item drops on average:
A level 30 character in a level 28 area will see no penalty.
Currency item Drops are not increased or decreased in this way when fighting in areas above your level.
For the purposes of this penalty, your level is never considered to be higher than 68. Therefore a level 75 character receives no penalty in a level 66 area.
So does that mean that if you have a high currency penalty, more non-currency items will drop instead?
Face it, all of your suggestions are worse than this idea:

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