Post your best find of the day!

I got this just now from a random mob!
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From Stacked Deck
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i am loving it!

This has got to be my luckiest league yet. Got a Headhunter 2 weeks ago, and today I got a Ventor's Gamble. Of course I get the expensive stuff the one time I decide to try out SSF ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Sitting tight at 605pdps! SSF treating me well with this drop from UElder today. Roundabout 400 Alterations, countless Regals and 3 Farric Alpha's (as well as a single lonely annul) went into this craft as well as the obvious 4 Exalts.

Now I just need to make a character who can use it well LOL.
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First Mirror dropped in SSF Synthesis! (3207 hours)
Sulphite cap reached. So time to delve. Best find this sunday (nothing too special)

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Had just lost all exp so I decided to run a Jun map (what do I have to lose,right?)
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Is it worth use exalt on this?
_kerber_ wrote:

Is it worth use exalt on this?

very much NO

This league is mocking me.. One after another..

While my main armor after spending 2k+ orbs...
Good luck!

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