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Hi there,

We're currently looking into why it's not showing up, but today's Daily Deal should be the Seraph Wings for 200 points. If you email us at support@grindinggear.com we can arrange this for you manually.
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Nasreth wrote:
Does GGG ever put on sale the mtx to upgrade normal stash tabs to premium tabs? I'd like to upgrade the 4 base tabs I have to match the others that I bought but I would rather not pay full price since it's not extremely important to me.

These were on sale within the past two weeks.
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Dreggon wrote:
Skin Transfer Bundle that claims to be a 50 pack but actually links to the 10 pack and doesn't have a listed discount - 155 points.

Hey there, this should be all fixed now :) thanks for your diligence!
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TriniGamer wrote:
seriously this is why I stopped bothering to spend money on this game for mtx. I havd spent $55 USD in cosmetics that turned out to look like complete trash on my marauder. Now the MTX that I need for him like Demon King or Gore Armor they won't put it on sale......

So there goes my money on mtx that I won't use since they refuse to even implement a dressing room ingame.

People has been asking for armor packs for months now and the only one they could find to put on sale was ghost flame.....

They keep bringing more of these same terrible mtx over and over and won't give the people a decent body armor pack sale.

This simply baffles the mind as to why they keep doing this. You putting these items on sale but armor pack that people would be spending a lot more money on you have no sale but 1? And when they do put the armor packs its the ugly old ones that nobody wants.

I give up won't bother asking GGG to do a little sale on something that has not been on sale for months like Gore Armor pack. If they can't do that for the community then so be it.

The Ghostflame pack was on sale 27 June, the Arctic Armour pack was on sale on 20 June, the Infernal Armour Pack on 6 June, the Demon King pack on 30 May, the Steam-Powered pack on 16 May, the Verdant Armour Pack on 9 May, and that's from the last two months.
Please contact support@grindinggear.com if you need any assistance.
Dreggon wrote:
I generally don't buy stuff like armour sets and weapon effects but somehow I have less funnymoney than I did a few months ago because I bought things and I don't remember what they were


I have sent you a PM about this :)

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