3.24.3 Patch Notes

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Borat_Sagdiev wrote:
wtf did you do to the game with this patch? it's become unbearable to play, fps drops to 0 all the time in combat and before it almost never happened

They erased the shader cache. They do with literally every last patch of a league. Literally every single final patch. Seriously, it's like this is your first league or you don't know wtf shader cache is.
So… glad you guys finally gave a little bit of love to some old alt art items. Any chance you finally fix alternative art Blood Dance boots and alternative art Shadows and Dust gloves? It had red “smoke” effect around them and after some patch many years ago it became teal. Yeah, yeah I know this is some non-existing problem for like 99,99% of players but some of us put a lot of efforts to get those rewards when the game was young and racing was fun…
Im still on 3.23.2 version. How do i get the latest patc?
we want new events its boring we are dying here
Triad81 wrote:
Im still on 3.23.2 version. How do i get the latest patc?

You're on console. I'm assuming this patch was for PC/Mac only.
"Fixed a bug where a portal was not opened upon defeating the target of The Slaver King Unique Heist Contract."

Finally. It only took almost 4 years to fix that. Now go for the rogues walking backwards when they are at demolition contracts.

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