3.24.3 Patch Notes

It is super laggy in maps now, what on earth did you change ?
Why dont you just change the options so everyone HAS the ability to change, and not MUST use it...
Nice stutter patch, cant play anymore 2k euro pc talking...
To have smooth fps I used windowed fullscreen 1920x1080 on 2k monitor with "Fast" Vsync
now I'm downscaling even lower than 1080p and framerate is less stable
Why break something that just works? This applies to the whole league tbh
it only took couple of years to get some optimization :D lets if it's any better
redviles wrote:
is explode implicit bugged in menagerie

Can't change my resolution settings after this patch for some reason. When I try to lower my resolution it always defaults back to the highest setting (3840x2160)

The render resolution saves but the window resolution doesn't. Am I doing something wrong?
vroom vroom
was waiting for this: Render Resolution, i used to play all time in DSR mode just to hit higher pixel density cause it look more clean, W
HofmannJan92 wrote:
why is it 4gb?

I guess it is because since they are touching textures, particles and those kinda stuff to optimize, we are downloading optimized versions of the mtx and monsters, but tbh I have 0 clue wish to know why it's 4gb as well
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Is there a good way to rebuild the cache when these resets happen? I want to run some sanctums but it's not going to be possible until my game is running smoothly again. What's the fastest way to get it to rebuild? I remember it taking a fair bit of time the last few times this was done.

(A little better today, it does seem like the game performance will be improved once everything is running smoothly again. It's hard for non-technical people to understand these changes when the game runs worse initially after the patch.)
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Hello GG,

It is good ugprade but why going backwards on the "Fast" VSync ? There were people using it and it worked great ! Why removing it when it is added feature ?

Thank you

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