Our Necropolis Fan Art Competition where we asked the community to show off their artistic talent by creating content themed around the Necropolis Expansion concluded last week! All your entries were amazing and we're now ready to announce the winners!

Thank you to everyone from our community for your incredible submissions and congratulations to all the winners! We’ll be contacting you soon to arrange your prizes. We’ll also award runners-up in a follow-up post later this week.

Top Three Winners

Prize Pool
  • Forum avatar based on the winning submission
  • Path of Exile Art Book
  • Signed Atlas Passive Tree Art Print
  • Your choice of two Path of Exile T-shirts
  • A random Path of Exile Pin
  • Your choice of an Armour Set (an Armour Set from the list below)
  • Your choice of a Portal Effect (a Portal Effect from the list below)
  • Your choice of Footprints Effect (any Footprints Effect from the store)

Turtle Castle by Bisic


Arimor by NoteSoul

Necropolis by Ynlaid

4th-5th Place

Prize Pool
  • Path of Exile Art Book
  • Your choice of one Path of Exile T-shirt
  • A random Path of Exile Pin
  • Your choice of an Armour Set (an Armour Set from the list below)
  • Your choice of a Portal Effect (a Portal Effect from the list below)
  • Your choice of Footprints Effect (any Footprints Effect from the store)

Arimor Figurine by Ignis48

Mimic by Superbloodmoon


Prize Pool
  • Your choice of one Path of Exile T-shirt
  • A random Path of Exile Pin
  • Your choice of a Portal Effect (a Portal Effect from the list below)
  • Your choice of Footprints Effect (any Footprints Effect from the store)

Cashing Out by Ievildemon

Happy Crabs by MIFonious

Ghostveil by StellaTheSlaya

Quickspeed Arimor by Stockhara

Solar Guardian by ƙloƙɱacɧine


Prize Pool
  • Your choice of a Portal Effect (a Portal Effect from the list below)

Hawker Armour Necromancer by Ilskar

Full of Frogs by Moon_Snail

Ghostveil Armour set by Saviren

Shadow Gravecrafting by Ares1986

Arimor Gif by Julianity_2

The Forbidden Rite by Karnivorous

Arimor Tabletop Figure by NuclearPlatypus

Zana the Unchained by OJAN_Assassin

Coffins by Por3

Hawker Armour by Varymouse

Microtransaction Prize Pool

List of Armour Sets
  • Arcane Armour Pack
  • Automaton Armour Pack
  • Black Armour Pack
  • Bleached Demon King Armour Pack
  • Blood Guard Armour Set
  • Carnage Armour Pack
  • Coldsnap Armour Pack
  • Coliseum Armour Pack
  • Corsair Armour Set
  • Darkprism Armour Pack
  • Deicide Armour Pack
  • Demon Parasite Armour Set
  • Desert Armour Pack
  • Dragon Armour Pack
  • Elite Armour Pack
  • Executioner Armour Pack
  • Extinction Armour Set
  • Faith Guard Armour Set
  • Fallen Angel Armour Pack
  • Fire Armour Pack
  • Gargoyle Armour Set
  • Ghostflame Armour Pack
  • Gloom Armour Pack
  • Gore Armour Pack
  • Gorgon Armour Pack
  • Gothic Armour Pack
  • Gryffon Armour Pack
  • Harpyon Armour Pack
  • Heartseeker Armour Pack
  • Huntsman Armour Set
  • Ice Armour Pack
  • Innocence Armour Pack
  • Ivory Chaos Armour Pack
  • Lightning Armour Pack
  • Lunaris Armour Pack
  • Mageguard Armour Set
  • Malachai Armour Pack
  • Merchant Armour Pack
  • Miracle Armour Set
  • Mystic Armour Set
  • Necrotic Armour Pack
  • Obsidian Seraph Pack
  • Project Armour Pack
  • Pure Light Armour Pack
  • Purple Crystal Armour Pack
  • Purple Pyre Knight Armour Pack
  • Pyre Knight Armour Pack
  • Radiant Armour Pack
  • Raven Armour Pack
  • Ringmaster Armour Set
  • Scientist Armour Pack
  • Seawitch Armour Pack
  • Sin Armour Pack
  • Sphinx Armour Pack
  • Steam-powered Armour Pack
  • Stormcaller Armour Pack
  • Ultimate Chaos Armour Pack
  • Vampiric Armour Pack
  • Verdant Armour Pack
  • Viper Armour Set
  • Warlock Armour Pack
  • Wasteland Armour Set
  • Wasteland Warrior Armour Pack
  • White Armour Pack
  • Wrangler Armour Set
List of Portal Effects
  • Arcane Portal
  • Arcane Voidgate Portal Effect
  • Arctic Crystal Portal Effect
  • Arctic Portal Effect
  • Automaton Portal
  • Balefire Portal Effect
  • Black Portal Effect
  • Corsair Portal
  • Daresso Portal Effect
  • Darkprism Portal Effect
  • Demon King Portal Effect
  • Divine Arcane Portal
  • Divine Demon King Portal
  • Divine Stygian Portal Effect
  • Dreadspire Portal Effect
  • Fire Portal Effect
  • Frost Viking Portal Effect
  • Ghostflame Stygian Portal Effect
  • Golden Angel Portal
  • Gore Portal Effect
  • Havenwood Portal
  • Huntsman Portal
  • Infernal Demon King Portal
  • Infernal Stygian Portal Effect
  • Innocence Portal
  • Kaom Portal Effect
  • Kraken Portal Effect
  • Legion Portal Effect
  • Madcap Portal
  • Malachai Portal Effect
  • Maraketh Portal
  • Miracle Portal
  • Myrmidon Portal Effect
  • Mystic Portal
  • Necrotic Demon King Portal
  • Project Portal Effect
  • Pure Light Portal Effect
  • Ringmaster Portal Effect
  • Scientist Portal Effect
  • Seraph Portal Effect
  • Spectre Portal Effect
  • Steam-powered Portal Effect
  • Stormcaller Stygian Portal Effect
  • Sulphite Portal
  • Temple Portal Effect
  • Vampiric Portal
  • Wasteland Portal
  • Wild Portal
List of Helmet Effects
  • Abyss Eyes
  • Antlers
  • Apocalypse Helmet Attachment
  • Aquila Crest Helmet Attachment
  • Arcane Flaming Head Helmet Attachment
  • Arcane Halo
  • Arcane Mark of the Phoenix
  • Arcane Visage
  • Arctic Crown
  • Arctic Skull
  • Assassin Halo Helmet Attachment
  • Assassin Seer Helmet Attachment
  • Aureate Halo
  • Automaton Halo
  • Bent Horns
  • Black Headband
  • Black Pirate Bandana
  • Bleached Skull Helmet
  • Blood Guard Helmet Attachment
  • Brilliant Crown
  • Brilliant Feathers
  • Chaos Orb Helmet
  • Coliseum Helmet Attachment
  • Corrupted Skull
  • Cow Skull
  • Curved Horns
  • Darkprism Helmet Attachment
  • Demon King Horns
  • Despair Helmet Attachment
  • Divine Ice Crown
  • Divine Sign
  • Divine Skull
  • Dragon Mask
  • Eye Patch
  • Faith Guard Helmet Attachment
  • Fiery Eyes
  • Fiery Visage
  • Flaming Head Helmet Attachment
  • Frost Viking Alternate Helmet
  • Frost Viking Helmet Attachment
  • Ghostflame Flaming Head Helmet Attachment
  • Ghostflame Skull
  • Glowing Red Eyes
  • Gore Skull
  • Gorgon Snakes Helmet Attachment
  • Guardian Mask
  • Harmonious Helmet Attachment
  • Harmonious Hood
  • Holy Eyes
  • Ice Crown
  • Ice Horns
  • Incursion Hood
  • Infernal Skull
  • Innocence Laurel Helmet Attachment
  • Iron Brand
  • Iron Maiden
  • Lightning Eyes
  • Lightning Skull
  • Mark of the Phoenix
  • Medusa Snakes
  • Misery Flaming Head Helmet Attachment
  • Misery Helmet Attachment
  • Nightfall Helmet Attachment
  • Oriath Helmet Attachment
  • Plague Doctor Helmet
  • Purple Divine Sign
  • Purple Eyes
  • Purple Flaming Head Helmet Attachment
  • Purple Skull Helmet
  • Purple Smoking Hood
  • Rapture Helmet Attachment
  • Red Headband
  • Red Pirate Bandana
  • Rose Skull
  • Serrated Mohawk
  • Sin and Innocence Helmet Attachment
  • Sin Talon Helmet Attachment
  • Skull Hood
  • Smoking Hood
  • Spirit Charm
  • Steam-powered Skull
  • Suffering Helmet Attachment
  • Sunrise Helmet Attachment
  • Swan Crest Helmet Attachment
  • Thorned Skull
  • Twilight Helmet Attachment
  • Twisted Bone Horns
  • Twisted Horns
  • Undead Outcast Helmet
  • Vaal Orb Helmet
  • Wasteland Horns
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Grinding Gear Games
Congrats everyone!
Kinda sad that my art isn't even mentioned. Shame on you, GGG. :)
All seems really amazing!! ♥
Congratulations for winners!
Alan Leonardo Piovesan
I love the frogs!
Curiosity is followed by ambition. Ambition, is followed by madness.
yooooooooooooo these are all dope! kudos everyone
poe media launchpad: https://pathofexile.media
character showcase: https://youtube.com/@desmosthenes
Congrats to all the winners! This one was fun to participate!
Portfolio: artstation.com/felipegrebogeart
Youtube: youtube.com/@felipegrebogeart
appreciate all you guys do thanks for the event, cant wait to join the next one.
SO MANY great works this season, just wow. It must have been difficult to pick winners!
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