Necropolis Fan Art Competition

My entry for the contest.
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Hi! I'm new here :)
I'm so happy with this fanart contest coz I'm able to do my passion again here's my entry Thank you POE !

~Solar Guardian~
Solaris be praised! Funny coincidence that, the release of the Solar Guardian supporter pack in a league during which we got a total solar eclipse here. Not to mention an inspiring one! Giving a PoE twist to this cosmic event with this mini bust of a sunny (and swole) chap.

About 3 inches tall with hat crest. Made of polymer clay, acrylics and stained glass paint.

Turnaround and WIPs


Good luck to all! Really cool to see first-timers coming in and others beating artblock with these comps. \o/
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Hello, this is my entry for the contest.
I really liked the system of changing the monster type on the map with the Ember of the Allflames in this league.
I hope you enjoy my work and have a great day.

"Full of Frogs"

process & image without speech bubble:

What are they crafting?
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First time submitting for these... I thought the Mimic pet was cool-looking.

Timelapse link here:

The sword is the Iron Mass as it got changed in the Necropolis update. An Easter egg :)
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Digging and burying 80+ corpses is a very tiring endeavour.

I though exiles could use a little help, so I've made the concept art for GORDOLA, THE GRAVEDIGGER.


Silhouettes idealization and exploration.

Sketches, colors and lineart.


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