Necropolis Fan Art Competition

My entry for the competition! Really like to do this, btw i dont know if this is acceptable is like illustration and model.


There were two things I wanted to achieve, combine the theme of the league with fashion and make sure that not only people who play Path of Exile want to buy it, but also anyone who doesn't know the game. Since the game itself has a dark theme, I decided to use tribal as a graphic part of the garment. The tribal that I put on the back was made by mixing the Arimor lantern and the Allflame Embers.

For the type i write "Necropolis" in forms that keep a dialogue with the tribals from the back.

For both prints I used the color yellow, referring to the currency ember, which is one of the things that excites me the most about this league.
For the garment I chose a vintage ziphoodie that I related to coffins, corpses, dust, history, you know what I mean. I also made the top part lighter than the bottom as a nod to Arimor's gray hair.

I added a part of the back tribal on the sleeves as a detail, and finally I decided to remove the bottom part of the back tribal, since what I really wanted to represent was the Allflame Ember and the Arimor lantern, which has a more circular shape, also so the Tribal would adapt better to the shape of the back.

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Undertaker Arimor with fren

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POE Necropolis. this is my first league and only learned about the competition a few days ago. had to really rush to try and make the deadline! now i can finally go back to running maps!
Unfortunately only had the last week of the contest as I went on holiday the day it started. However my trip did inspire the 18th century style I went for.

The idea being the witch has decided to try and carry out the Necropolis crafting ritual herself using the Forbidden Rite skill, the strain causing her to bleed from her eyes, nose and mouth. If I had more time I would have tried to incorporate the skill use a bit more.

Can you guess the unique she's wearing?

The Forbidden Rite

Close up and sketches
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Catarina in her new T17 home.
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My competition entry. I hope you will enjoy.

Hello, here is my submission : Turtle Castle

I'm excited to share this project with you;

Fully 3D printed and meticulously hand-painted;

The model is created with Zbrush and Blender;

For those interested in more content and future projects,
feel free to follow me on Instagram : Florian Levreau

- - - - -


I need a grave digger!
My inspiration of The Necropolis location

Some process:


First of all, i started with blueprints based on in-game screenshots and sketched few assets for 3d modeling

My 3D Assets were based mostly on the Corinthian order (At the institute, I drew blueprint of Orders without the help of measuring instruments, only with one an instrument for drawing circles xd). So, I created landscape, buildings, decorative assets and render them in Blender.

And started to painting in Photoshop.

For the mood of illustration i created thumbnails and color explorations, but decided to chose one and made it more mysterious in my 3D Render.

Pictures framed more officially because i posted this on my Artstation too

Other arts:
Here's my submission, made it just in time!


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