3.24.2 Hotfix 7

Not sure if related, my MacOS(I have an M1 max MBP) steam client crashes on start after the update.

Steam says: An error occurred while launching this game: Game configuration unavailable.
I have the same problem as the post above. every time I start the Steam client it crashes on my MacBook M1 Pro. Please fix it !!!
Same problem. M1 Max Pro, Sonoma 14.5 here, client crashes after update too. Please fix it!!!
Really liking the new willingness for GGG to admit and fix mistakes mid-league.

3.23 wouldn't have been such a debacle if you'd had the courage to fix the Abyss spire/multiproj rubbish as soon as it was found instead of letting it wreck the league economy.
Le Toucan Will Return
Great, you fixed small bugs and completely broke game client for MAC OS users. Good job. M2 mac os - always crashing now
Crash on launch on MAC M1
24k res chest fix when
Why you still trying to fix 3.24? This is the worst league of POE history. If i were you, i stop spending my time for fixing the worst league and work on more to finish 3.25 quicker.
As an idea; while you are working for 3.25 patch, you can create optional servers for good-old league/s. A fresh start would be better than keep playing Necropolis.
Since the update the game is crashing on my mac (Sonoma 14.5) when I start it out of steam.

Would send the crash report but it's longer than the 50000 allowed characters.
How about a change to Veiled Orbs droprate? They are too rare.

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