3.24.2 Hotfix 7

kyobusa wrote:
You guys think Affliction will be the last decent league GGG ever does?

Depends on who you ask, but lots of people would probably say "yes" if they keep the new Scarab system, T17's in their current form, new Atlas tree, uber fragment acquisition, 5th mapdevice slot through t17's... among other things in the game without massive changes.

To me personally there can't be a good league, no matter how fun the mechanic itself might be, aslong as the systems mentioned above are the way they are now.

Not once in my time playing this game have I felt the urge to uninstall, but that's exactly what I did like a month+ ago. Just not the game I wanna play unfortunately. Oh well!
Really nerfing quant on life flasks …..that’s important!!!!
im on steam and have got high latency since hotfix and its only high for this game and not for any of my other games. such as D4 LE or CoD
Theres something seriously wrong about this game. Cheesy deaths everywhere, game freezes and crushes especially while in simulacrum and timeless events whic caused me to loose all of my currencies,...couldnt be worse! Turns out poe is nothing different thn d4. They both are annoying and gave up the fun.
this lig so stress it needs T17 to profit but only 10% play can wake out
I wish GGG could fix this soon I can keep up more.

and pix bring back 4 wey to unlock map 5 slot
I play this game for 10 years and i really love it. But first time i unstalled Path of Exile from my computer. Because, with the previous leagues, there was always a chance to play/start the game again and again.

We have taken all needed perfect rare items from graveyard with this great "Necropolis" league. I have some rare item screenshots from previous leagues which was not even close to perfect roll but they were like a miracle for me. Now anyone can take any perfect roll rare item for 1-2 divines.

This is not a good path Exile! You put many accounts to Necropolis graveyards' empty slots!
With the way they lose over 200k players in the first week should say a lot. Feels like a skeleton crew now.
Worst league so far, hope for the future however. Looking forward to you guys learning from this league and have now information to give us a great next league.
its good

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