3.24.1 Patch Notes

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GGG please just hit the restart button :D give us 1 week notice and restart. the gap between the exploiters and normal player is too damn big now and its about to get even bigger. D rider will say this is seething or whatever word they dont know the meaning of but i still think it will be a good decision
After this most recent patch, my client has been crashing a lot when I use town portal while in maps. I had 0 crashes before this patch, but now its multiple times an hour..
VARookz wrote:
All the people accusing GGG of not testing their game. Let's look at some quick numbers.

This is obviously speculation, but I believe the scale of this thought exercise might illuminate how ignorant this reticule toward GGG is.

Let's estimate GGG has a test team of 20 QA in house dedicated to playing their game 40 hours a week. Each league is about 17 weeks.

So (20 people) x (40 hours) x (17 weeks) = 13,600 hours.

Let's add 50 developers as well testing 4 hours a day as well. This is unrealistic, as they are spending much more time developing than playing, but let's try and weight the testing side of this equation.

So (50 people) x (20 hours) x (17 weeks) = 17,000 hours.

Let's add those together 13,600 + 17,000 = 30,600 hours tested total during an entire development cycle of a league.

Now let's compare that number to the FIRST hour the league goes live.


If it's peak, that first single hour is 209,563 hours tested. If it's a median of concurrent players that's 78,829 hours tested the first hour, if it's the lowest point on the servers it's around ~36,000 hours tested in an hour.

So even at the lowest point, one hour live is more hours than the entire 17 week development cycle tested. Test team and developers, hypothetically.

You're kidding yourself if you think any development team can find every issue a player is going to find once a game goes live. If it's a popular game the scale of time players spend playing the game and finding bugs or exploits is astronomical to time development has to find them before they go live.

Whatever reason the developers had to make the changes they did, they made that call and have all the right in the world to do so, but it wasn't because they don't test their game. Deal with it like an adult, and move on with your life. Have fun exiles and stop bashing GGG for the amazing work they do on this game.

You have no idea what you are talking about but I will explain it to you:

1. The idea of chasing devoted modifiers by opening new maps was obvious as hell, it didn't require any testing in initial iteration as the same thing happened during ritual league when people were chasing sacred grove (it was displayed in map mods list) or during touched-monsters implementation. It was obvious there will be players spamming maps to chase those.

2. Anarchy ember was busted from the very beginning, the same day it was added players were printing hundreds of fractured items per map, it was known issue yet it took another week for GGG to realize how bad it is if you take it to another level.

3. Your numbers are completely inaccurate in many ways but the main is that you are giving the whole population of players as the base where only 1% could afford to push the strategy to it's limits. That's what testers should do having all the resources and capabilities - check how it goes if you push it to extreme which players will eventually do.

Nice try though in defending undefendable lack in testing, this league is pure shitshow and that's how it will be remembered.
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I can't understand how this league ended up so bad. I played standard for a few days before launch, and as usual, everything was great, no issues. Then the league started, and it's been nothing but crashes and severe lag to the point that it's almost unplayable. One map will feel completely smooth, and the next will be way too laggy to play.

Also, I'd swear mods are being added to maps that shouldn't be there. I just finished a map where nearly every monster was flying around at 200% increased movement speed, blasting me from off the map before I could see them coming. Nowhere in the lamp or map mods did it say anything about that.
Alongside with mountain of terrible ideas GGG made so far in their game, word game is also one of them, where it required for player to get manual to study what certain words actually mean. Ritual scarab of abundance- grants 100% increased number of "favors", first time i read i thought it gives double the points you get for killing monsters so i didnt use it, then i watched video about some guy doing ritual and he says it actually doubles the number of offered items.

Wow GGG, you just couldn't write - Ritual has 100% increased number of offered items, you needed to call them "favors".
What would mr Siklic do if he was in this post?
Really don't have much hope for POE2 when considering just how out of touch GGG is with what their casual player base really wants. Why are you so obsessed with removing the Power fantasy aspect of your game? Do you really think people enjoy sitting in an instance with an excel sheet for 20 mins just to interact with a portion of the seasonal mechanic?
I think this will be the league I quit the quickest. As a casual who had their first drop of a Headhunter last league I loved it. A few days ago they were down to 20 Div which is A LOT for me, and I thought maybe....but as usual by the time I will have saved up to the amount they are now, they will have gone to 100D or something.

Shit decision to nerf.

Oh the league mechanic is shit to.
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I thank you, mortal, for my freedom. But I did expect you earlier.
Thanks GGG ! When is the next one so you can flip the economy around again ? and fuck over players who were having fun looking into their own farming strat !

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