3.24.1 Patch Notes

Why the fuck even bother, GGG? Why? Is this the new perverse 'vision'? Get your MF character ready? [Removed by Support]
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Why you make this type of changes mid league when the economy of it is already broken. That is something that I don't understand, you fucked up, you have to own it and leave it be. Fixing this type of things ruin the fun for a lot of people that don't have a lot of time in their hands and care enough about the prices of things in the game.
You are dividing the community with your own hands by fixing this type of things, the existance of that top 2% of players is going to always be there, but you are making the crack bigger for the lower 98% by fixing this stuff in the middle of everything.

A random John Doe already bought those expensive scarabs and unmakings and farmed everything to start doing the strategy that the streamers been doing for days, and know all that investment is gone and they just lost currency by your hand.

You are literally deleting poor player's currency with this stuff.

But hey, you can now corrupt flasks, what an amazing and incredible feature.
Oh and remember to always have wisdoms on you cause corrupted item can drop unidentified now.

At least you got your priorities set man.
GGG putting out tremendous work.
"Is there such a thing as an absolute, timeless enemy? There is no such thing, and never has been. And the reason
is that our enemies are human beings like us. They can only be our enemies in relative terms."
Essence farm - dead
t16 maps - dead from now one
t17 maps - too deadly
blight - booooooooring
heist - for 7th league?
delve - for 15th league?
necropolis - no tags for suppress and block
ultimatum - unserchable on trade, hard content
expensive farm - need a lot of starting currency or|and 6 ppl group
new character - ten reasons why not

So here is the situation. I have no idea what to do in a small group like 2-3 ppl. No methods of farm left where you dont need to sell a truck of stuff for 1c for an hours. Your nerf of unique item farm was a huge mistake in current situation.
you people really only care about the top 1% pc players and your t17s crap maps, this has been the worst league iv ever seen or played, game is so busted on con its almost unplayable, your losing so many players that cant get to end game its not even funny but yet all you do is work on t17s, why is that?
The game now crashes if you try to invite people now
Zenshii wrote:
Alatikus wrote:
IDK, never could use the "efficient farming strat that was nerved" regardless. But it shows a deeper problem, there is a chasm between casual and upper echelon of POE players. Now more than ever.
Today I logged in again, but with the changes to scarabs, atlas, and the introduction of T17 it is now clear to me that I do not have the energy or time or knowledge to do them efficiently.
Seeing a bunch of lower currency drop while others have shoveling in a huge amount of currency ... call it fomo, call it envy, whatever. It is just demotivating as hell.

The league is just crafting, which I hate in POE, and the random modifiers in T1-16. I think I will just give up on this league.

Couldnt say it better myself so ill just quote this.

As a side note, i saw in league trailers that somewhere should be a seer npc with rewards; im in red maps now but never saw him as an option or whatever.

Still im feeling somewhat grateful that this situatioon allows me to leave a league early and play some backlog games or read some books. Maybe, just maybe will cure my PoE addiction that is ongoing since 2014.

Peace out!

I started POE in Beta and decided to quit a few years ago as the game got overly complicated and geared toward the Streamers!

I got the *&^% kicked out of me on these forums when I said as much years ago....now it appears we all agree :)
Idk what this patch did but Xbox players can’t join or invite to a game. If you invite someone through the guild, the game crashes…..
LaserVonRekyu wrote:
VARookz wrote:
God forbid they actually do their jobs and fix unintended interactions.

Everyone crying in this thread needs to grow up. It's a game. Find a way to enjoy it without following in the shadows of exploiters / people who play the game faster than you do.

You sound like spoiled children.

They are undeniable improving the game.

God forbid they "fix" an unintended interaction because its their job?? Keep your Blizzard mentality out of PoE. Stop trying to dictate how I enjoy the game.

Everything in PoE is the result of unintended interactions that other games would call exploits.

You need to grow up and stop acting like a spoiled child when other players find a new powerful interaction. It is the expectation of players that mechanics like these are not be hard nerfed mid league as we put good time and effort into figuring them out.

I just spent the entire day reworking my build to use a weaker version of this strat with my own farmed items. I have now lost the value of those items, my time, my build is worse, my atlas tree needs unmakings to correct. None of what I was going to do was an exploit, it was using the ingame features as intended. Midleague nerfs should NEVER be this extreme.

You shouldn't have spent all your currency trying to chase an obvious exploit? Did you not know it was an exploit? Maybe? This is always a possibility. This has happened in previous leagues, it shouldn't be a surprise. Anytime anyone is getting filthy rich on day two of a league and posting videos about "how they've never had this much currency this early in a league", maybe don't try and jump on that bandwagon? Think critically before spending currency moving skills around. You have plenty of time to enjoy the new league with the fixes.

All the people accusing GGG of not testing their game. Let's look at some quick numbers.

This is obviously speculation, but I believe the scale of this thought exercise might illuminate how ignorant this reticule toward GGG is.

Let's estimate GGG has a test team of 20 QA in house dedicated to playing their game 40 hours a week. Each league is about 17 weeks.

So (20 people) x (40 hours) x (17 weeks) = 13,600 hours.

Let's add 50 developers as well testing 4 hours a day as well. This is unrealistic, as they are spending much more time developing than playing, but let's try and weight the testing side of this equation.

So (50 people) x (20 hours) x (17 weeks) = 17,000 hours.

Let's add those together 13,600 + 17,000 = 30,600 hours tested total during an entire development cycle of a league.

Now let's compare that number to the FIRST hour the league goes live.


If it's peak, that first single hour is 209,563 hours tested. If it's a median of concurrent players that's 78,829 hours tested the first hour, if it's the lowest point on the servers it's around ~36,000 hours tested in an hour.

So even at the lowest point, one hour live is more hours than the entire 17 week development cycle tested. Test team and developers, hypothetically.

You're kidding yourself if you think any development team can find every issue a player is going to find once a game goes live. If it's a popular game the scale of time players spend playing the game and finding bugs or exploits is astronomical to time development has to find them before they go live.

Whatever reason the developers had to make the changes they did, they made that call and have all the right in the world to do so, but it wasn't because they don't test their game. Deal with it like an adult, and move on with your life. Have fun exiles and stop bashing GGG for the amazing work they do on this game.
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