3.24.1 Patch Notes

I wonder, what could go wrong if you let people farm multiple mirrors a day and then disable that farming method for the rest. Hmm.
Abuse early, abuse often I guess. Everyone who got in early is rich, everyone else stays poor. The damage is already done and now it's a slap in the face to players who didn't abuse the strat.

too late
so all the streamers and no lifers got super rich and nuked econ while us plebs have to continue to play catchup even more..... yay...
Leagues already fucked, Why bother nerfing exiles now.
Abuse Early, Abuse Often.

Now the prices of Chase items will Skyrocket while a lot of players who abused the T17 maps have Mirrors and Mirrors to spare buying the market.

At least if things were kept as they were, normal players would have had a chance to buy a Headhunter or Mageblood at more reasonable prices.
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A bit too late, the damage is already done.
Btw, big shout out for the testers who 'tested the league for a month', i can almost taste the good balancing lol.
d4 looking good over there this is to late...
Bad change, many people abused, i was about to change, bought my gears and now the strategy is done.

At least buff the laterns back to show divine more frequently so new people can compete to buy items on this overpriced scenario

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