3.24.1 Patch Notes

nothing about black morrigan not unlock all bestiary reciepes? i can'tt craft level 30 aspect of the cat
fixes little to nothing :S don't get you as game designers anymore.
too late
Awesome, steamers and no lifer's have their $$, so lets nerf the shit out of it for the 99%....good job GGG.

Standard IGN: _DipDodgeDuck_
rip anarchy
Curiosity is followed by ambition. Ambition, is followed by madness.
RIP to the guy who just bought my 25pcs ember of anarchy for 50 div :D
Great. People who used the exiles got all they wanted by now and those late to the party get barely and breadcrumbs? Such a fail-nerf of those exiles ._.
Thanks for the update.
Love the game.
Nothing addressing the wealth concentration caused by the divination scarabs. No MF nerfs.

This league's economy is almost as bad as last league's.
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