3.24.0b Hotfix 2

You allowed the ENTIRE last league for people to farm hundreds of divines and dozens of mirrors only due to a BUG with the influence of the number of projectiles on Srygian Spyre, but did not allow people to get the same hundreds of divines in this league without the need to collect an immortal mf character to farm abyss with wisps. I don't see the logic.
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Damn... And here I was thinking I was going to login and actually get somewhere this league with all the knowledge I learned last league. I'm glad I am sitting this one out and just spent launch day playing. Optimistic there could be a fix for this but idk seems this league is scuffed.
banished wrote:
I thought ggg wouldnt go the way of blizzard. Only letting some people "exploit" something then nerf it to oblivion. I deeply regret buying the support pack right now.

Wtf are you talking about ?!
bli$$ doesn't even know how to make a proper game, that's why they suck
Doing better than GGG rn kek
Last league Mirrors were literally free... but god forbid people who aren't insane giga chads might get the chance for some extra ex, chaos, or div, once in a while. "No. No. We can't allow that". Thanks for consistently ruining fun GGG. >.<
GGG trying to bring ruthless into main core game Aware
I'm super glad yall nerfed this, the amount of divines people were getting was unethical. Enjoying the league a lot hope you guys make the crafting better though.
So what other games yall playing now instead of PoE since league dedge?
Can we please get Affliction Classic, I miss it already.. :((
kyobusa wrote:
So what other games yall playing now instead of PoE since league dedge?

Yeah league is definitely "dead" getting instant replies to things i want to buy, instant sells and 2x more players on steam charts than any league i played in 2018-2022 lmfao
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